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His Human Claim by Stella Rising

After she is caught aiding a fugitive, twenty-four-year-old Darcy Lovell is given the chance to avoid prison if she agrees to work undercover to help track down criminals. But Darcy will not escape punishment entirely… She must now answer to Amasu, a stern, handsome Dominar operative who will not hesitate to strip her bare and spank her soundly for any hint of defiance.

It isn’t long before Darcy finds herself naked and bound with her sore bottom on humiliating display, but even with her cheeks blushing and her backside burning her helpless arousal is undeniable, and soon she is begging shamefully for Amasu to take her hard and thoroughly.

As he masters her body ever more completely, using and enjoying her in any way he pleases, their need for one another only grows stronger. But when one of the targets of his investigation comes after Darcy, can Amasu protect the beautiful, feisty human he has claimed as his own?

Publisher’s Note: His Human Claim is a stand-alone novel which is the fifth book in the Captives of the Dominars series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Rising

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 53,100 words


“Wait, you want to… with me in here?” I ask, my hands wrapped around the bars of the door.

“Unless you’d rather wait a few more hours,” Amasu replies.

The chastity devices rise off the floor, floating around me menacingly.

“No, no,” I say, scrambling to get on my knees. “This is fine.”

It’s super degrading, but whatever. Better than nothing. I press my ass against the bars, spreading my legs to offer as much access as possible. My face burns, embarrassed at my exposure, but I’m too aroused to care.

“You’re soaking, pet,” he says, slipping a finger through my folds. “Absolutely drenched.”

“Yes, sir,” I mumble, my humiliation intensifying.

“Keeping you waiting was very, very effective. I’m going to remember that.”

I groan, clenching down on his finger. Thanks to the alien’s great height and build, it feels plenty big. Still, I know there’s something much bigger still to come. Hopefully. There better be.

Hearing the rustling of pants sliding down thick, powerful thighs, I close my eyes and wait. My nipples harden to points as my breasts hang in the air. The floor is rough beneath my knees, but my nanites numb them so I don’t mind.

Reaching through the bars, Amasu sets his hands on my ass and gives each cheek a light slap. I whimper, not wanting to wait, but refusing to complain. I can’t risk being denied once more, not when I’m so close.

“Oh, look at you now,” he says. “Your body quakes, but you’ve bitten your tongue. You can be patient when you’re… properly motivated.” He presses his cock to my sopping folds and plunges it inside.

Gasping, I press my hands hard against the floor to keep myself flush against the cage. I want to feel every millimeter of Amasu’s manhood throbbing within me, and I know he’s still got much deeper to go.

“You like that, pet?” he murmurs, sliding in further.

“Yes… sir,” I groan. “I love it, sir.”

He chuckles. “You like a big blue alien dick splitting you apart?”

“Yeah,” I croak. I want to sway my hips, to feel his steely rod, but he holds me firmly in place, then he guides my hips back and forth, creating a euphoric rhythm.

“There you go, Darcy. Fuck yourself on my cock.”

Oh, shit.

Though I’m stunned to hear such an order, my body knows what it wants. I start grinding on him hard, driving his cock until I squeal with pleasure. Though I’m not sure I could do this in front of a crowd of perverted strangers, with no one to see me but Amasu, I’m happy to debase myself so thoroughly.

This is absolutely filthy—could I have brought myself to this point before I met Amasu? I can’t imagine it, but now I’m drinking it in like I’ve been wandering the desert for weeks.

Amasu grunts in time with my bouncing body; sweat drips down my forehead, stinging my eyes. For once, I’m not in danger of coming without permission. My mind has caught up to my need, and I’m keeping my orgasm at bay. I could keep doing this for hours; his cock feels like hot heaven.

He withdraws without warning, and I cry out in confusion and fear. The door to my chamber opens, and before I can finish my wail, Amasu’s pulled me against his body, jamming his shaft all the way in. He wraps his arms around me, holding my breasts firm. His muscled abdomen feels like a sheet of granite against my back, and my legs are so weak I could fall if not for his grip.

“Ask to come, pet,” he whispers into my ear. “You’re not gonna get another chance.”

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