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His Human Mate by Stella Rising

When diplomat Sabine Marchessault agreed to represent the United Nations in their dealings with the invaders who recently conquered the planet, she did not expect to end up having her bare bottom soundly spanked over the knee of the huge, handsome alien who now governs Earth. Despite her indignation, however, the stern chastisement leaves her quivering with desire.

Tamrys is enthralled by Sabine the moment he sets eyes on the beautiful human, and he offers to allow her to assist him in familiarizing humanity with their new rulers, but first she must be taught her place. She will be his pet, and she will obey his every command or be punished.

As her new master sets about training her, Sabine finds herself longing for him to claim her even more thoroughly, but when Tamrys takes her as his mate will her own people call her a traitor?

Publisher’s Note: His Human Mate is a stand-alone novel which is the third book in the Captives of the Dominars series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Rising

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 52,200 words


She groans as I approach the armoire and select a toy: a medium-sized, self-lubricating butt plug with a flared, heart-shaped base.

“This will help keep you on your toes today,” I say, showing her the toy, which already glistens with synthetic oil.

“You can’t be serious.” She backs away, covering her waist with her hands.

“Of course I am. Come here,” I order. With a grin I add, “And turn around.”

Her face blanches, and I think she’s just realizing where exactly this plug is meant to go. “It’s too big,” she says.

I can’t help chuckling, though I don’t wish to demean her too much. “It’s not. I’m going to work you up to much bigger, in time. This is just to get you started.”

She whimpers as I clutch her dress and tear the back apart, exposing her cute little cheeks. I press the toy against her tight bud and apply a steady pressure, but she’s clenched too tight.

“Relax, Sabine. I don’t want to force this thing in, though I will if I have to.”

“Please, sir,” she begs. “It’s going to hurt!”

Fucking hell.

Her pleading could give me a permanent erection; it takes serious willpower to keep my salacious hunger from showing. She may well wear out my patience before the day ends.

“It’ll only hurt for a bit; you’ll get used to it,” I say, urging the plug in a little. Sabine tenses and shakes as the intrusion spreads her flesh. From her reaction, I’m guessing she’s never had her rear penetrated before. “You’re doing great, pet.”

She grits her teeth and bends down a little, spreading her legs. I draw the plug back, giving her a chance to prepare herself for the next push. Once I feel she’s ready, I press the plug in again, going deeper this time.

“It’s so big,” Sabine whines, but she doesn’t fight the intrusion. “It’s not going to fit.”

“Want to bet?” I say, sliding the toy to its widest point. I hold it there, twisting it around to spread the oil everywhere. “How about, if I can’t get this thing in your ass, I’ll let you go. But if I can, then you—”

“No, sir, please,” she cuts in, gasping from a fresh jolt of pain. “I believe you, okay?”

“Don’t interrupt me,” I say, giving her ass a sharp smack.

She squeals, shaking her bottom. I stick with her, keeping the plug in place. After another slap to the other cheek, I drive the toy in a little further, letting it slide the rest of the way. Sabine groans as the toy stops at its base.

“See, I told you it would go in.”

“Yes, sir,” she mumbles, reaching back to feel the toy. Her breath catches, and her nanites report an elevated heart rate, pupil dilation, and neurochemical signatures consistent with human arousal. Is she realizing that no matter what she does, she’s going to feel its presence? When she walks, if she bends down, when she sits… there’s no escaping the fullness in her bottom until I allow her a reprieve.

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