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His Human Pet by Stella Rising

After her father attempts an attack on a Dominar official, making a deal with the consul is twenty-two-year-old Melody Grant’s one chance to keep him from being exiled to a prison planet. But the only thing she has to offer is her body, so she is left with no choice but to become the stern, handsome alien’s pet, surrendering completely to even his most shameful demands.

Melody’s new master wastes no time in demonstrating his authority over her, but even as she is stripped, spanked, and put on humiliating public display, her blushing arousal cannot be hidden. His harsh punishments and rough use of her body leave her quivering with desperate need, and when he claims her at last the pleasure is more intense than anything she has ever experienced.

Though she would have once been delighted to see him dead along with all of the other invaders, Melody’s helpless desire for her alien master soon grows into something much deeper and more passionate. But when he brings her with him to visit his homeworld, will she be welcomed there?

Publisher’s Note: His Human Pet is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth book in the Captives of the Dominars series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Rising

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 53,400 words


He flicks the cane at my breast, aiming for the nipple. Pain sparks through my chest, far more than I could anticipate from the small stick. Crying out, I writhe in my bonds. Forta wasn’t kidding—that hurt!

“Five strokes on each breast,” says Forta. “Count them, and you get your reward.”

Five on each?

“Please, Master. I don’t know if I can take that,” I say, my eyes following the stick.

“I want you to try. You will build tolerance for pain over time. Understood?”

“Yes, Master,” I reply, tensing up, trying to prepare myself for the worst.

Forta gives me a moment, then begins. He aims his first swing at my other breast, evening out the sensation to both sides of my body.

“One,” I declare after a shrill squeak. The sound bothers me almost more than the sting of the cane. Come on! Be tough.

“Ready, pet?”

“Yes, Master,” I say after a deep breath.

“Good.” Forta continues, swatting my breast four more times, giving me a moment between each to recover. My reactions continue to sound out at a high pitch, but by the time I count number five, I’ve managed to keep my cries much quieter. Considering each slap of the cane has amplified the pain of the previous, I think I’m making progress.

“Now, the other side.”

Forta takes the cane into his other hand and smacks it against my breast. This time, I barely make a sound at the relatively minor torment. “One, Master,” I say, my voice clear and steady.

“Good, pet.”

The remaining four swings do create a rise of agony, as Forta aims very consistently for the same area. I should be bucking and screeching, but I don’t—and by the end I’m surprised at myself. Was Forta right to push me? I could have asked him at any time to stop, but I haven’t needed to.

“Very good, Melody,” he says when he’s finished.

My chest burns from the collected punishment, but on the inside I feel strangely proud. I took the pain he dished out and I’m not a complete mess; it’s not something I’d have expected.

“You’re sure you don’t want the nanites?” he asks.

“Fine. Yes, please, Master,” I respond. The worst of the torment is over—I could handle it, but I’m not going to turn down a little relief.

“Good. And I have something extra.”

He gets up and straddles me, holding his cock to my hungry entrance. “Lovely,” he says, feeling my wetness with his tip. “You took that caning very well. I should make it harder next time.”

“That’s not really necessary, sir,” I say. “It wasn’t easy. It hurt.”

“Tell me if this hurts,” he says, guiding his shaft inward. He goes slowly, giving me time to adjust to the massive intrusion. I gasp as his cock penetrates me in a way I’ve never felt—it does hurt, but the pain subsides quickly, leaving behind a potent bliss. As he drives deeper, the pleasure of being filled overwhelms my senses. Forta looks into my eyes, and I return his gaze, focusing on his alluring visage. My hands grasp at the air until I manage to grab the silky covering of his bed. When Forta sets his hands down, they sink far into the mattress and I get a fresh sense of just how huge and powerful his body is—he could probably do this for hours and never tire.

Oh, god, please…

Once his cock reaches as deep as it can go, I shudder from the sheer euphoria. However, it’s nothing compared to the sublime satisfaction that explodes inside me when he starts to thrust.

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