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His Human Subject by Stella Rising

Combat pilot and resistance leader Alexis Miller has fought the invaders since they arrived. Now she’s been given a chance to colonize another world with her people, but the last thing she wants is a meddling Dominar official getting in the way. Unfortunately for her, Councilor Prust intends to ensure the safety of the settlement, even if that means taking Alexis over his knee with her panties down for a painful, humiliating spanking when her petulant defiance pushes him too far.

Though it infuriates Alexis to be punished in such a shameful manner by the stern, handsome alien, it isn’t long before Prust has stripped her bare and shown her how thoroughly he can tame a feisty little human. Her need for him grows stronger with each helpless, blushing climax he forces from her naked, quivering body, and soon she is learning what it means to be mastered.

But the Dominars are not the only ones with an interest in ruling over humanity, and others might not be nearly so generous to their conquered pets. Can Alexis trust her alien master and save her people, or will the isolated planet prove too dangerous for the new human civilization?

Publisher’s Note: His Human Subject is a stand-alone novel which is the sixth book in the Captives of the Dominars series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Rising

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 57,500 words


This is too much. It’s bad enough to have a toy in my ass for the first time—being fully restrained at the same time, unable to avoid the new sensations, sends my mind reeling. Maybe I could handle it better if Prust wasn’t so clearly enjoying my suffering.

He steps behind me, and now I can’t turn back to him without pulling on the hook. Hearing a rustling sound, followed by a soft thump, my eyes widen—it sounds like clothes being stripped off. My pussy clenches, eager for attention—anything to get my attention off the hook. My fluids drip, yearning for Prust’s monster cock.

I moan as he plunges inside, not realizing how incredible it would feel as his thick shaft presses against the hook from within. He takes his time inserting himself fully, drawing out and pressing back in with infuriating deliberateness. I’d complain, but I probably wouldn’t like the consequences. I’m at Prust’s mercy, and all I can do is try to earn my reward. At least I can be assured that between his incredible anatomy and unflagging stamina, he won’t disappoint.

“Are you thinking about the planet?” he asks, pausing his motion.

“Yes, sir,” I lie.

A jolt of heat stings inside my ass—an electric shock! I wail, thrashing in place, desperate to remove the toy and soothe my ass, but I can’t.

“What was that?” I cry, my body quaking.

“Dishonesty is unacceptable,” Prust growls, pulling on the hook. “You better fix your behavior, pet, or you’ll find out what else this device can do.”

Tears stream down my cheeks. “Fuck you, let me go!”

The toy releases another shock, causing me to instinctively clench down hard. Prust grunts with pleasure as my walls grip his cock, then reaches to my face and brushes my hair from my eyes.

“We could do this all day, Alexis. Is that what you want?”

“No, sir,” I whimper.

“Apologize for lying,” he orders, drawing the hook in and out while turning it back and forth, massaging my soreness from the inside.

“I’m sorry, sir!” I shout. There’s not much I wouldn’t say right now to get him to stop.

“Good. Are you going to lie again?”

“No, sir,” I mumble, clenching down again on his cock and the hook, ravenous for pleasure to erase the pain from my consciousness.

“That feels so good, Alexis. Does my tight little human like being fully stuffed?” he asks, jostling the hook some more.

“Yes, sir,” I mumble, shame boiling in my blood.

“Have you ever had your ass used before, pet?”

“No, sir.” As if that wasn’t obvious to him.

“Lucky me,” he chuckles, slowly thrusting.

Waves of bliss cascade through every cell in my body, and I forget all the pain of getting spanked and shocked—I forget about my abject humiliation. Prust’s cock feels too good.

“You want to come, pet?” he asks, slowing down enough to make me squeal.

“Yes, so bad!”

Prust slaps my ass. “Say you like being stuffed by your master.”

Closing my eyes, I shake my head, accidentally pulling on the hook. “Oh… please…” I beg.

He gives my backside another smack with each word: “Do. You. Want. To. Come?”

Sweat drips down my forehead. I clench down hard on his cock, but Prust quickly pulls out.

“Last chance, Alexis. I can come back later. Maybe give you an hour to reflect on your situation.”

“No, please! I like being stuffed by my master,” I say.

He tugs sharply at the hook, making me howl loud enough to fill the ship.

“Convince me, pet,” he growls.

“I like… being stuffed… by my master!” I scream.

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