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His Land, His Law by Libby Campbell

Since she inherited her parents’ home, Cara Eckford has used walks in the nearby woods as inspiration for her art, so she is shocked and upset upon finding that ‘No Trespassing’ signs have recently been put up on the property. But when she angrily confronts the land’s new owner, the infuriatingly sexy Luke McCrae, she merely earns herself a stern scolding and a sound spanking.

Despite her irritation, Luke’s bold dominance leaves Cara’s heart racing and her panties soaked. He soon proves more than ready to tame her fiery temper with his belt applied to her bare bottom, but even with tears in her eyes and her backside on fire Cara’s need for Luke cannot be denied, and when he takes her in his arms his masterful lovemaking satisfies her deeply.

Cara’s newfound romance with Luke grows stronger and more passionate with each passing day, but when conflict over his plans for her beloved forest threatens to tear them apart, can she make use of her powerful connection to both of their ancestors to convince him to change his mind?

Publisher’s Note: His Land, His Law includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Libby Campbell

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 57,900 words


“No,” she moaned. “Please don’t.”

“It’s a bit late for contrition.” He started to spank her with his hand. The smacks stung but they weren’t terribly hard. As her bottom warmed from the heat of the punishment, she uttered an occasional ouch.

When the spanking increased in intensity and frequency, she stifled any serious sounds of dismay. She didn’t want Luke to have the satisfaction of hearing her beg. Through an enormous effort of will, she kept her silence.

Just as she thought she couldn’t bear another smack to her bottom, Luke started spanking the tops of her thighs. He delivered sharp slaps to the back of her legs, then to the sensitive skin on the inside of each thigh, close to her nether lips.

A few lighter smacks landed on her pussy, making her stifle a cry of pure shock.

“You have a pretty pink pussy,” Luke said. “It gets even more flushed and prettier when I do this.” A stinging slap landed on her folds and rapidly engorging clitoris.

She yelped, jerking under the hand that pinned her to the sofa. He delivered a last stinging slap to her sit spot and stopped.

He removed his hand from her waist and for a crazy second she thought the ordeal was over. Then his belt soughed as he pulled it out of the waistband of his jeans. Every muscle in Cara’s body tightened in response. This time she did push up, trying to escape what came next.

“Naughty girl,” he said, tipping her back over the sofa. “Your spanking is just about to get serious.”

With his left hand on her waist he delivered the first cut of the belt with his right hand. It landed with a crack. Cara jumped, holding her bottom.

“No! It hurts too much! I can’t take it,” she begged.

“You should have thought of that sooner, before you broke my window.”

Was there a trace of amusement in his voice? She wanted to kick back at him, but she was afraid of what he might do in response to that. So she stamped her feet, trying to shake the pain out of her buttocks. He didn’t wait for her to finish her dance. He pushed her back over the sofa.

Before the pain had eased from the first stroke, the belt cut across her bottom again. Tears burned in her eyes. I will not cry, she decided but the belt landed again, harder this time and right on top of where the first two strokes had bitten. Her body betrayed her and a sob escaped. A fresh wave of tears burned in her eyes, pushing out the unshed ones she’d been holding onto.

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