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His Little Actress by Rose St. Andrews

When twenty-two-year-old actress Sarah Stevens finally pushes her manager too far with her irresponsible, childish behavior, Thomas O’Malley decides that enough is enough and takes the spoiled girl over his knee for the bare-bottom spanking she has desperately needed for so long.

Though the stern punishment embarrasses and infuriates Sarah, being chastised in such a shameful fashion also leaves her yearning for Thomas to take her in hand more thoroughly. When he makes her his, being held in his arms turns out to be even better than she imagined, and soon she is calling him daddy and delighting in his firm, intimate attention. But will their newfound bond prove more enduring than a typical Hollywood romance?

Publisher’s Note: His Little Actress includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Rose St. Andrews

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 35,100 Words


“Young lady, don’t push my buttons or you’ll regret it,” he said, carrying her into the bathroom.

“No, no, no, I refuse, put me down, stop this at once!”

He did put her down, right across his lap. She gasped, squirmed, and fought, but he held her tight, and… smack! His large hand landed squarely in the center of her bare bottom (she’d slept naked). After that, she got a steady stream of firm swats.

“Now, are you going to settle down, behave, and let Daddy help you, baby?”

“Ouch, ow! But, Daddy, I don’t want an enema, they’re nasty,” she whined.

“Baby, they’re like many things in life that help you, like a spanking. They’re unpleasant, but a truly mature person knows they’re for the best.”

Sarah grumbled and whined between yells as she knew he was right. She just didn’t want to admit it. Her stubbornness was getting in the way and her bottom paid the price. Finally, after five minutes of steadily increasing heat to her seat, she gave up. Yet, she wasn’t released. He did it with her across his lap! First came the parting of her hot cheeks. Coldness swirled across her anus. She squirmed for a moment, but another swat got her to settle down. The nozzle eased between her cheeks. She cringed and grunted when it entered. It went deeper and she groaned louder. The full length of the hard plastic became seated inside her, and Daddy started the flow. She whimpered as she felt herself filling. Humiliation built within her and she blushed bright red as her heart pounded.

“Daddy, please, not like this,” she begged. “Let me up, I promise to behave.”

Smack, a medium spank rippled across her right red cheek.

“You had your chance to be a good girl, now you’ll just have to lie there and take it,” he scolded.

Sarah groaned as myriad sensations washed over her. The sting in her cheeks, the fullness in her bottom, the humiliation of the whole situation, and then there was the topper: a full-length mirror across from them that let her see everything. That Daddy was fully dressed and she was buck naked was icing on the cake. A thrust of pure raw sexual energy rocked and thrust into her pussy. Pressing her lips together, she tried not to moan as her toes curled, and she prayed for the whole sorry episode to end. Her breathing came hard and labored; she turned to look in the mirror and saw her face was as red as bottom, and the sight of the tube going between her cheeks sent her embarrassment into overdrive.

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