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His Little Lily by Aurie Jameson

Lily Foster has let the stress of her job consume her life to the point that she isn’t eating or sleeping properly, and her husband has decided it’s time to do something about it. From now on she’ll be calling him daddy, and not taking care of herself will mean being taken over his knee.

Though Lily soon finds herself tearfully promising to be good as her bare bottom is soundly spanked, her husband’s rekindled dominance arouses her intensely, and being fed, bathed, and put down for a nap leaves her feeling incredibly safe and loved. But when daddy treats her as his little girl for a whole day, will it be more than she can handle… or exactly what she needs?




Publisher’s Note: His Little Lily includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Aurie Jameson

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 42,000 words


“Daddy, please don’t.”

Caden’s gaze was unwavering. He gestured back to the sink with a tilt of his head. “Turn back around and finish the dishes, Lily.”

Lily whimpered, shaking her head. She hated the butt plug. It hurt when he inserted it and it was way more humiliating than a spanking in her opinion.

Caden held the plug and lube in one hand and used his other hand to grab his wife by the upper arm and propel her so that she was facing the sink. He bent her over and started to swat her skirt.

Lily cried out, but continued to wash the dishes, finding it nearly impossible as her husband peppered her bottom with harsh swats. She almost dropped the plate she was attempting to rinse when he flipped up her skirt and tucked it into the waistband, revealing tight pink panties to his gaze. He spanked the panties as well for a few moments before pulling them down to reveal matching pink bottom cheeks.

Lily set the last plate in the dish rack and squeezed the edge of the sink in her hands. She squeezed her eyes shut when she felt Caden’s fingers between her cheeks.

Caden bent his head so he could look at his wife’s bottom straight on. “Forgetting to eat lunch isn’t something I’m going to tolerate anymore,” he told her, splaying her cheeks apart with one hand. Her bottom hole seemed to flinch away from him as he brought a lube-coated finger to it. “Maybe you need to wear a butt plug while I’m at work to help you remember.”

“No!” Lily cried. She wiggled her hips back and forth. “I won’t forget to eat anymore. I promise.”

Caden began to spread the lube over Lily’s back entrance, swirling his finger on and around the little hole. Lily started to whine as soon as his finger made contact. She let out a strained little cry when he dipped the tip of his finger inside, coating the inside of her as well.

He held his finger inside of her for several seconds, both to get her ready for the plug and because he knew it embarrassed her to have his finger up her bottom. “I hope you don’t forget to eat anymore,” he said in a grave voice. He pushed his finger in a little deeper and twisted it, making Lily gasp. “If you do, I’m going to make you hold the plug in during every meal for a week. Understood?”

“Yes!” Lily said quickly, wanting to wiggle her hips but knowing it would make her feel Caden’s finger even more. She tried to stay as still as possible instead.

Caden twisted his finger one more time before pulling it out and replacing it with the tip of the relatively small silicone plug. The widest part was just slightly thicker than his finger. He took his time inserting it, pulling it back out when it was about halfway in. Lily squirmed and tightened several times through the process. She gasped when the widest part was pushed past her entrance.

Lily groaned when Caden pushed the plug in all the way. He held onto the base, wiggling it inside of her, making her face flame. He then used one hand to clamp her cheeks together before spanking her right over the plug, making it push deeper inside of her. Lily squeaked and kicked her feet sporadically, drumming her toes against the floor. Her knuckles were turning white with the amount of force she used to squeeze the edge of the sink. She stomped her feet until Caden finally let go of the plug, but left it firmly seated inside of her.

Caden pulled up her panties for her and adjusted her skirt before giving her a firm pat. “Okay, we’re going to finish eating dinner now.”

Lily stared at him with large eyes, shaking her head in disbelief. She couldn’t believe he was going to make her eat with the plug in.

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