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His Naughty Little Superhero by Emily Tilton

Eighteen-year-old Susan Corday grew up thinking she was just an ordinary girl, but everything changed the morning she brought herself to a quivering, blushing climax for the first time. That was the day she discovered she could not only fly, but shake a building to its foundations with the raw power within her… power that can only be unlocked in the most shameful of ways.

Before she takes her place alongside the caped avengers who protect humanity, however, she must be taught to control her abilities, and that task falls to the superhero known as Nightprince. It isn’t long before her handsome mentor claims the role of her firm-handed daddy as well, and when Susan is caught pleasuring herself without permission she soon finds herself over his knee.

Despite her embarrassment, being bared and spanked like a naughty little girl arouses Susan deeply, and surrendering her virgin body to her daddy’s skilled dominance turns out to be more pleasurable than she could have ever imagined. But when Nightprince is captured by a diabolical supervillain, will her wits and her courage prove sufficient to rescue him and save the world?

Publisher’s Note: His Naughty Little Superhero includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 32,600 words


“What are you doing?” Susan demanded, so startled that she didn’t even begin to struggle for a full second.

“I don’t have any doubt right now that you understand why I’m about to put you over my knee and bare your bottom, princess. You pose a danger, and your behavior is reckless, and I happen to know a very good way to deal with that, when a girl like you is the problem. We’ll talk more after I punish you, but a sound spanking is exactly what you need.”

Then she did start to struggle, but she had only the strength of any other petite eighteen-year-old. Bob carried her through the door and closed and locked it behind them with his left hand, and then he carried her to the high-backed wooden chair in front of his desk. As she writhed against his restraining arm he thought he could feel her little body respond to the strength in his big one. Bob didn’t have super strength, but the tensing in Susan’s frame told him he didn’t need it to make her feel little, just as he wanted to do—at least when she didn’t have her alien paranormal powers available.

“You had better hope,” she said in a voice full of Zaxian warrior fury as he sat in the chair and started to put her over his right knee, “I never get my powers back.”

Bob sighed inwardly. He had hoped he might be able to awaken her need for this more quickly.

“That’s a risk I need to take, Susan,” he said very seriously. He had more to tell her on the subject, but he waited until he could manhandle her into exactly the position he knew would best suit the occasion: held down by his left arm securely around her waist, so tightly that she could flail all she wanted without getting in the way of the firm hand he would soon bring down on her bare, upturned bottom, her legs pinioned under his right thigh. Bob finished arranging Ultragirl that way as she continued to struggle, though she had almost exhausted even her conventional muscles now.

Then, feeling himself get even harder with the dominant freedom of the moment, he reached his right hand underneath her hips to find the button on her jeans.

“Oh, my God,” Susan hissed. “You’re not serious. Don’t you dare.” Her writhing grew more intense for a moment, and Bob waited patiently with his hand still underneath her, only an inch or two from the place where he knew her needs must now have reached a furious intensity.

When she had exhausted herself again, Bob said, “I’m completely serious, Susan. You are going to have a bare-bottom spanking, and whatever you can do about it afterward, there is nothing you can do about it now. Would you like to take your own jeans and panties down, or do I have to do it for you, this way?”

Her whole body shuddered, and he wondered if in that movement he could feel the success of his ploy—her Midwestern upbringing coming back to take hold of her. He thought he could discern that she had never been disciplined properly, growing up, despite the vague transmission of conservative values it seemed Susan had undergone. Nevertheless, the idea of old-fashioned over-the-knee discipline clearly did have a power for her that Bob could work with.

He moved his hand a little close to the center, stirring, he felt sure, the erotic needs that raged it seemed a good deal hotter in a Zaxian female even than in a healthy human eighteen-year-old. Another shudder racked her frame, and then Susan said, half-sobbing the words, “Please. I’ll… I’ll do it.”

Bob took his hand away immediately, though rather regretfully. Things had begun to become quite warm down there, even through Susan’s jeans. He released her at waist and knees, leaving her merely suspended over his knee and steadied with his left hand at her back and his right on her outer thigh.

For a moment he could feel the alien warrior almost returning: a tremor shook her that his night senses told him must be the bodily idea of jumping up and trying to run from him. Then, slowly, with a little whimper, she reached her right hand underneath her and unfastened the button on her jeans. Bob didn’t delay: he put his right hand inside her waistband, getting the sheer fabric of her panties in his fingers’ grasp and ignoring the little leap his cock gave at the wonderful contrast between that silkiness and the very different silkiness of the creamy skin of Susan’s trim bottom. He yanked down jeans and panties all the way to her knees in a single motion, as she gave a startled cry at the swiftness of the action, and replaced both his left arm and his right leg in their restraining position. The sweet young backside of his brand new, virginal supergirl rose over his knee, held firmly in place, its round cheeks just plump enough to suggest her womanhood while still also intimating a little girl’s need for a firm hand to guide her to full adulthood.

“Wait!” Susan cried. “Please…”

But Bob had no intention of waiting. He meant her first spanking to last a good long while, if only to get Ultragirl used to being over his knee for old-fashioned bare-bottom discipline, but there would be plenty of time to pause, and to teach her about her young body, once she understood her position fully. He raised his big hand high and brought it down hard. She yelled, and tried to kick, but he did it again, and again, and again. Susan Corday had a spanking coming, and now she would get it—she needed to know that before anything else.

Her round little cheeks bounced under his hand as he disciplined her, and she screeched loudly at the pain of this first lesson in obedience from her new mentor. Her bottom quickly got very red, and Bob spread the spanking around, moving down her thighs, too, to turn her whole backside crimson as Ultragirl began to cry.

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