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His Old-Fashioned World by Emily Tilton

When Jenna Burke wakes up in a hospital after an experiment in a particle physics lab, she is surprised by the patriarchal manner of the doctor who examines her. His refusal to believe she is a trained physician herself comes as a shock, and Jenna’s confused and angry reaction results in her being placed into the care of Dr. Michael Weathers, a stern, handsome psychiatrist.

At Michael’s home, Jenna quickly discovers that the reality in which she now finds herself differs significantly from her own. Most importantly, the men of this society are more than ready to take a woman in hand and correct her properly if her behavior warrants it, and her sharp tongue quickly earns Jenna a trip over Michael’s knee for a painful, humiliating spanking.

Despite her shame and fury, having her bottom bared and thoroughly punished arouses Jenna deeply, and she soon finds herself wondering what it would be like to belong to a firm-handed man like Michael. But can a woman like her really find happiness in his old-fashioned world?

Publisher’s Note: His Old-Fashioned World includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 47,900 Words


Finally he said, “Open your eyes, Jenna. It’s time for these inappropriate pants to come down for good.”

Her eyes flew open, to see that he had put his hands to the jeans’ waistband. He unfastened the button deftly, and pulled the pants down to her knees, to show the cute polka dots once again. The spanking already seemed like it had occurred an age ago—before they had understood; before they had known that in them two universes, and not just two people, were coming together.

In a gesture of bold possession, Michael put his hand right on the front of the panties, three fingers cupping the place he knew he would find warm and wet—but not as warm and wet as he did find it. The gusset of the panties was absolutely soaking, and at the same moment as he felt his fingers grow instantly slick with her arousal, the heady scent of girlish passion seemed to fill the air, vying with the floral aroma and making a mixture that made Michael’s cock strain against his own jeans, raised and buttoned after the amazing blowjob.

Jenna cried out as he discovered her lascivious secret, and learned also that she still had her pubic hair, feeling its crinkle through the cotton. How strange, seeing as her legs and armpits were as smooth as a girl of this world kept them.

Fascinated, he pulled down the panties too, at last, to rest atop the jeans, and looked at the tight little red triangle that couldn’t quite hide the furrow of her pussy from his sight, even with her legs still tightly closed.

Jenna’s face was crimson, her lips parted, her breath panting. She had fixed her eyes there, on the place between her legs where Michael now began to feel his way, as she made her little puppy noises. He had never caressed a cunt that still had its covering of fur before, and he found it strange and very arousing.

“Why is this hair still here, you naughty girl?” he murmured in her ear. “Didn’t they teach you to shave it, when you turned eighteen?”

“What?” Jenna said, looking into his eyes again, apparently startled. “Some… I mean, porn stars, and…”

“What stars?” Michael asked, trying to follow the thread of her reasoning, whose slight derangement he took as a tribute to his skillful way with a girl whose pants had come down. He ran two fingers down, to press them gently into the moist sheath where his cock would go.

“Oh, God,” she breathed. “I… I… Are you…”

She seemed less and less in possession of herself now as he put his other hand behind her, upon the bottom he had spanked and now promised himself he would spank again—as well as do other things, usually reserved for marriage. He pressed a finger against her tight, tiny hole to make it clear to Jenna that that part of her would belong to him, too.

“Are you going to make me…”

“Make you do what, darling?” he asked, paying attention now only to the pleasure his hands wrought.

“Make me shave?” she whimpered.

“Of course, Jenna. We’ll bare you here very soon, so that no one suspects, at the gym or the doctor. And so that you feel as submissive as you should. That’s the true reason, after all.”

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