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His Old-Fashioned World Tames a Top 100 Spot!

Emily Tilton’s newest release, His Old-Fashioned World, has reached the Top 100 in the Science Fiction Romance category on Amazon! Congratulations, Emily!

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★★★★★ Stats23 @ “Doctor Disciplines Doctor” on June 29, 2017
Incredible! If you are a fan of spanking romance then you already know that Emily Tilton is a leading author in the field and is very prolific. I have been privileged to able to read a vast majority of her works and enjoyed them all. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find one of her stories to be far and away better than the rest simply because they are all so good, but this is it! Without doubt this is her most sensuously erotic spanking romance EVER. The story line, parallel or multiple universes, is good in its own right but when you add in loving domestic discipline, sweet sensuous sex, and cap it all off with a graphically erotic wedding night consummation, well, it really doesn’t get any better. To say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book would be the biggest understatement of 2017. I give it five very large stars, only because there is no higher rating available.

I received this book as an advance review copy from the publisher.

★★★★★ Renee @ “A hot new story with a creative premise” on June 26, 2017
This is now one of my favorites by Emily Tilton. The alternate world concept is so very unique. As usual I must say that the author’s creativity knows no bounds The strong female character and the hot, shameful discipline and sex just make this story phenomenal. Do not miss this story. I have volunteered to read and leave a review of this book for SNP.

★★★★★ Saskia van Reenen @ “A wonderful read” on June 26, 2017
I really enjoyed this book. I love how Emily made both worlds so similar, but oh so different at the same time. There was a wonderful relationship between Michael and Jenna and a lot of time was spent getting to know each other in those first few days.

I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an advance review copy

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