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His Petulant Bride by Maggie Carpenter

His Petulant Bride by Maggie CarpenterIndulged since childhood by a doting father and a modern-minded mother, twenty-year-old Miranda Witherspoon is accustomed to neither discipline nor disappointment, yet despite her life of privilege her greatest desire continues to elude her. She is determined to marry a man with a title, but so far no such man has taken a lasting interest in her.

When Miranda is invited to the grand country home of Lord Edward Pemberly III for a weekend, she accepts the invitation in spite of the grudge she holds against Edward’s wife, Charlotte, and it is there that she is introduced to Lord Walter Danby. From his newfangled motor car to his confident, witty charm, the tall, dashing lord is unlike any man Miranda has ever met, and though their first encounter is tempestuous, she quickly finds herself utterly captivated by him.

In spite of—or perhaps because of—her sharp tongue and fiery temper, Walter is instantly drawn to Miranda. Her obvious need of taming only increases his interest, and upon learning of Miranda’s past ill-treatment of his beloved cousin Charlotte, Walter takes it upon himself to chastise her properly. After a painful, humiliating bare-bottom spanking, Miranda is left with blushing cheeks, a burning backside, and an intense desire for Walter that has nothing to do with his title.

Charlotte is furious that Walter and Miranda are spending time together, but Edward warns her not to interfere, assuring her that he will handle the situation. When he catches her snooping in Miranda’s guest room, Charlotte faces a severe punishment, but will a well-spanked bottom be enough to convince her to let go of the past and share in her cousin’s happiness, or will her meddling bring things to a tumultuous head?

Publisher’s Note: His Petulant Bride is the second book in the Victorian Brides series and is a direct sequel to His Willful Bride. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Maggie Carpenter

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 56,000 words


“You are a petulant, arrogant, spoiled girl,” he scolded, “and you will learn the error of your ways.”

“I have learned, my lord, I have! Truly. Please stop. It was Charlotte who started it all.”

“I know what Charlotte did,” he retorted, “and this is because of how you responded. It was worse. Still you don’t claim responsibility. Must I bare your bottom?”

No! How dare you even suggest such a thing?”

“How dare I? Is that what you said? How dare I? You were going to have a complete stranger, a cad of a man, spank Charlotte, and I suspect he would have bared her bottom. You are paying the piper, young lady, and pay him you will,” he exclaimed, and gripping the thin silk of her bloomers, he yanked hard, ripping them apart.

“My lord, have mercy,” she wailed. “I wish to die with shame, and he wasn’t going—”

“I can assure you, you will not die from shame,” he interrupted as he sent his hand back to work. “You may not want to have anything more to do with me by the time I’ve finished with you, but you will be punished for once in your life, and it is long overdue!”

As he’d delivered his lecture, he had slapped her naked skin with zest, increasing the force of his slaps as he’d continued, determined that her first spanking would be a fit punishment for her crime.

With the weight of his legs over hers, and his tight grip holding her in place over his lap, try as she might, Miranda’s strenuous efforts to escape were futile. Her bottom was on fire, his hand was raining its painful punishment with abandon, and with her arms flailing, she let out a despondent yowl.

“My lord, I am stinging and burning,” she wailed, “please, my lord, please. I am so sorry. I shall apologize to Charlotte, and I will never do anything like that ever again, I swear.”

“An apology! Finally!” he exclaimed, pausing his hand. “I think a few more where you sit and then we’ll be done.”

Swishing his flattened palm upwards, he caught the base of her cheeks several times in quick succession. Her cry was shrill but he’d expected it, and he continued unaffected until he was satisfied she had been well and truly punished.

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