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His Pretty Toy: A Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel

The contract made me his for a night. He made me his forever.

When you’re in as much debt as I am and a billionaire offers you the kind of money Trent Lavigne promised in return for spending a single night with him, you don’t turn him down. Not even when he makes you sign a contract you know will be more shameful than you can imagine.

So shameful you can’t even bring yourself to read it.

A contract that gives him the right not just to punish you for being a few minutes late, but to pin you to the mattress and spank your bare bottom until you beg to be taken hard and thoroughly.

But Trent was never going to be satisfied with one night. I knew that even before he told me to stay and share his bed with my body still quivering from an endless series of savage climaxes.

He’s not the kind of man who rents. He’s the kind who owns.

Publisher’s Note: His Pretty Toy includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Shanna Handel

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 40,000 words


He sits beside me on the bed, his hip against mine, the fabric of his trousers rough against my bare skin. He wraps an arm around my waist. It’s heavy against me and makes a feeling of submission well in my chest. His other hand smooths over my curves. His finger finds my sex, dipping in and swirling to gather my slickness. “So wet for me, pretty girl.”

Shame. So. Much. Shame.

I’m so turned on, my nipples tight against the bedspread, my breasts heavy, my sex throbbing for his finger to return. But he’s got other ideas. His slick finger travels upward, finding my ass.

My ass is still burning from his last swat. I try to relax.

He presses against my ass, pushing his thick, lubed finger past the tight ring of muscles.

“Oh! Um… uh…” A warm wet feeling pulses through my sex, another wave of arousal dampening my thighs. It feels so strange to have his finger inside my ass, but it turns me on, making my sex feel empty and hot. The muscles of my sex clench together, wanting to be filled.

“Bad girls get their bottoms punished.” He pushes in all the way to what feels like his first knuckle. “Inside and out.”

He slides his finger slowly inside my ass, pushing, pushing till he’s all the way in.

I let out a deep moan. “Oh, my god.” My hips move against the bed as I shamelessly try to find some sort of friction.

He slides his finger out, giving me a sharp spank. “What happens to pretty girls who make me wait?”

He’s going to make me say it… out loud.

I can’t.

My throat feels tight and I swallow hard.

His finger finds my ass, thrusting forward. The sensation makes me gasp, my asshole burning from his rough entrance.

“Answer me.”

The words come rushing from me. “Oh, my god… you… sp-spank them?”

“That’s right. I spank them till their bottom is red and hot and sore. I spank them until they’re apologizing with pretty words and tears on their cheeks.”

Before I can think, his finger is out of me and his hand is crashing down on me. He spanks me hard and fast, peppering my ass with stinging swats. He spanks me over and over, alternating cheeks, aiming his spanks higher then lower to cover every inch of my poor curves.

The pain spreads until my entire ass is on fire. I can’t think. I can’t breathe.

I’m not above begging.

“I’m sorry I made you wait. I am!” My toes curl in my shoes; my fingers gather the covers, squeezing them tight. Tears spring into my eyes from the pain.

“Good girl. But I want to hear more.” He keeps spanking me.

I don’t know how much more I can take, but what choice do I have? Not only am I pinned to the bed, but I’m also here of my own free will.

The spanking hurts, my god, it hurts, but at the same time, my sex is aching with desire. My ass burns, and I burn… for him.

I think I know what he wants from me.

Because I want the same from him.

“Please, fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast. Punish me with your cock.”

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