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His to Break: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Sassa Daniels

When I vowed to obey him, he didn’t promise to be gentle.

With one look at Leonardo Volante, I knew he’ll be the kind of husband who takes off his belt when his bride is sassy. But I wasn’t expecting to be ordered to strip the moment we were wed.

Or to be quite so shamefully wet when he bared me…

But even before he saw the arousal glistening on my thighs, he knew I needed him to bend me over, redden my ass, and then take me so roughly that I scream his name as he makes me his.





Publisher’s Note: His to Break is a stand-alone romance which is the second book of the Reluctant Vows series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sassa Daniels

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 56,600 words


“Strip!” he commands.

I unfasten the zip at my side and shimmy out of the gown. It seems sinful to allow such a beautiful, expensive garment to lie on the floor, but Leo shows no such compunction when he drags it out of the way with his foot. He doesn’t give me a chance to remove the rest of my clothing. He yanks my bra and panties off, leaving me exposed to the cold air.

As he spins me around to face the wall, I fling my arms out to brace myself. There’s a familiar sound behind me as he removes his belt.

“Push your ass out,” he commands. “And spread your legs.”

I get into the position he wants and wait for the first lash of the belt. It cracks off my ass, the sound seeming to ricochet around the room. I cry out as he spanks me several times in quick succession, giving me no opportunity to get to grips with the pain. Heat radiates from my aching flesh.

Leo kicks my legs even farther apart. Putting a hand on the back of my neck, he holds my head down. The only warning I have of what’s coming is a shift in the air as the leather strip flicks up between my legs. I scream as my pussy is set on fire. I wriggle my hips, trying to cope with the sting. It doesn’t work and Leo isn’t done yet. Three more lashes follow. Each has me crying out as the pain intensifies. I clench my fists as my mouth twists.

The belt clatters to the floor as Leo digs his fingers into my hips. He slams into me so hard I scream. He’s been rough before, but nothing like this. As he fucks me ruthlessly, his hips slap against my poor, abused ass, bringing tears to my eyes. His grunts as he pistons in and out of me are animalistic. It’s as if he hates me. I’m there for him to use and he doesn’t give a damn about my pleasure, yet my traitorous body welcomes him in.

His hand grasps my throat, applying just enough pressure to send a frisson of fear through me. Leo could choke the life out of me at any moment, so why is my clit throbbing even as my pulse spikes in dread?

“You like this, don’t you? You like it when I show you who you belong to.”

My answering moan doesn’t seem to please him. He pulls out of me. With a force that takes my breath away, I’m spun around and thrown face down on the bed.

“Hands and knees,” he demands.

I get on all fours, my ass presented to him. He yanks my hips back and plunges into my pussy, which grips him tightly, reluctant to let go. He shows me no tenderness as he drives into my body, hitting a spot deep inside me again and again until I’m sure I’ll be left bruised. I miss his caresses. Although I invited this, each savage thrust makes me feel as if I’m losing whatever connection we had.

He withdraws from me once more and I whimper as he runs a finger through my folds. My pussy aches from being lashed with his belt. He makes no effort to soothe me. Despite being treated as a mere object to be positioned this way and that, I’m drenched with arousal. Leo gathers up some fluids and spreads my butt cheeks apart. My breath catches as he smears the wetness over my anus and presses a finger against the tight hole.

“I want this.”