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His to Corrupt by Ava Sinclair

I’ve always been the shy one among my friends. The responsible one. The good girl.

But that was before I met Jackson Rider, the tattooed, motorcycle-riding ex-con who saved my life and demanded a date with me as payment.

Jackson wants to make a good girl go bad, even if it’s for just one night. But one night isn’t enough. Not for him. Not for me.

I know he’s dangerous. I know he’s corrupting me. I’m just not sure I want him to stop…




Publisher’s Note: His to Corrupt is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth book in the Completely His series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ava Sinclair

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 39,500 Words


Jackson rises slowly from his chair and takes the bottle I’m holding. Then he takes my hand and raises me to standing. He says nothing as he leads me to the sofa and positions me by the arm.

“A girl as sweet as you has no business feeling guilty.” He bends me over and I look back.

“What are you doing?” I ask. But I know what he’s doing, even before he answers me.

“I’m going to spank your little ass,” he says. “Because you’ve been a bad girl, and you know you need it.”

I should be afraid. I am afraid. But I’m quivering and wet with excitement. He’s not asking me if he can spank me. He’s telling me it’s going to happen. His arm is going around my waist as his large hand pulls up the hem of my dress. I’m wearing white satin panties with little blue polka dots. He rubs the mounds of my ass through the fabric before hooking a finger in the waistband and skimming them down. The cool air of the room raises gooseflesh on my exposed skin. I hear myself whimper in submission, but the sound is a coaxing plea for him to carry on, to carry through.

He’s so large, and in his grip, I feel so small. I look back to see him raise his muscular arm in a backswing a moment before the room resounds with the sound of his huge palm impacting my ass. I scream as pain suffuses my bottom and lurch forward. My toes curl in my shoes. It hurts.

He hits me again. He’s not being gentle. He’s spanking my ass hard, layering heat on heat, pain on pain. I’m struggling to get away from it, but I can’t break free. He’s so strong and holds me tight as he punishes me. He’s punishing me like the bad, dirty girl he knows I really am. He’s spanking my ass raw and I’m crying from the hurt.

“I’m sorry!” I sob as his hand catches first one cheek and then the other in uppercut blows that lift and sear the underside of my buttocks. He concentrates his efforts there now as I plead for mercy. I won’t be able to sit tomorrow, and why should I? I’m playing the chaste little schoolmarm while pining away for a dangerous man with a criminal record. He’s put his cock in me. I want him to do it again. I’m bad. So bad. And the feel of his correction burns that message into me even as it brings on gales of heartfelt sobs.

“Please,” I cry, the word barely audible. “Please.”

“Please what?” He’s stopped, but his hand is resting on the throbbing, seared skin of my bottom.

He raises me to standing and turns me toward him. He puts a finger under my chin and raises it so that I’m forced to look into his eyes.

“Why did I spank you, Clara?”

“For being… because I’m bad.”

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