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His to Hold: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Sassa Daniels

Our vows didn’t just make me his to hold. They made me his forever.

Men who betray the trust of the most powerful mafia kingpin in New York rarely live to make the same mistake a second time, but I’m not one of Antonio Volante’s soldiers. I’m his wife.

So I got his belt instead of a bullet.

But even though I did what I did for the sake of someone dear to us both, my husband doesn’t plan to let me keep my secrets any longer. That’s why I’m bare and bound with my punished ass sore inside and out, begging desperately for the climax he’s kept me on the edge of for so long.

First he’s going to make me talk.

Then he’s going to make me his all over again.

Publisher’s Note: His to Hold is a stand-alone romance which is the third book of the Reluctant Vows series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sassa Daniels

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 56,400 words


He reaches between my legs and gathers some of the fluids, smearing them over my ass before pushing a finger inside. I moan as pain and pleasure mingle to create a whirlpool of sensation. Thanks to Antonio, I’m not an anal virgin, but I still find it strange having something in my ass.

“So tight, Bella. Looks like I’ll have to retrain you before I fuck this tight little hole again.”

That elicits a whimper from me. Antonio made me use a butt plug when he prepared my ass for him the last time, and it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. I mean, it didn’t hurt, but he made me keep it in while I went about my daily routine. Walking around the house, my insides tingling because my ass is filled isn’t something I’m in a hurry to relive. I don’t like being on edge.

He withdraws his finger and continues to pound into me, battering my pussy with his massive cock. His animalistic grunts of pleasure spur me on to my orgasm. There’s something intoxicating about driving a man as controlled as Antonio to distraction.

As he pulls my hips up to change the angle of his thrusts, he repeatedly hits that hyper-sensitive spot inside me. Tightness grips my womb. My pussy clenches around him, and I cry out some incoherent jumble of words as I’m plunged headfirst into a whirlpool of bliss. My hips jerk and my limbs quiver. I’m on the verge of collapse when Antonio pulls out of me. He grabs my waist and drags me off the bed, depositing me on my knees on the floor.

He cups my cheeks with his hands and rubs his thumb over my lips. “Open.”

It’s a command I’m compelled to obey. Still trembling as my orgasm subsides, I open my mouth. Still holding my cheeks, Antonio shoves his cock straight to the back of my throat. Tears well in my eyes as I choke on his length. I scrabble at his legs, digging my nails into his thighs and he pulls back, just enough to let me breathe.

“Come on, Bella. You can take me.”

His words are more of a taunt than encouragement. This isn’t the first time he’s fucked my mouth. In fact, as short as our relationship has been, I couldn’t count the number of times he’s had me on my knees like this. But there’s a savagery in his thrusts I haven’t experienced before. He wants to hurt me.

Glancing up, I can’t miss the dark gleam in his eyes as he repeatedly makes me gag. He plunges in deep, hitting the back of my throat, enjoying every second of my misery as I choke on his cock. The vicious snarl on his lips is completely at odds with the tender way he strokes my cheek, encouraging me to take every inch of him, assuring me it will be okay. Does he hate me or not? I really can’t tell. The mixed signals are messing with my head.

I don’t know how he’ll react to me touching him, but when I release my grip on his thigh and cup his balls with my hand, he sighs with pleasure. Taking care not to hurt him, I squeeze. It elicits the reaction I wanted. His body shudders. He throws his head back with a low, ecstatic moan. He pushes his cock deep and then withdraws a little.

“Fuck, Bella!” He roars my name as he releases his cum over my tongue. “Swallow every drop.”

I do as he commands, gulping it all down.

“Show me,” Antonio demands as he pulls his cock out, dragging it over my swollen lips.

Opening my mouth wide, I stick out my tongue.

“Good girl.”