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His to Own by Ava Sinclair

The plan was flawless. The location for the auction was ideal. My body was toned to perfection. The participants—all billionaires—were chosen carefully. The winner would have one month with me, and for the price of my innocence I would be set for life.

Then it all went terribly wrong.

The man who bought me is no middle-aged investment banker. He’s a battle-hardened soldier, tough, stern, and unyielding. Now he owns me, and he’s determined to get his money’s worth.

He’ll do anything he wants with me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. He’ll spank my bare ass for the slightest defiance, tease my virgin body until I’m soaking wet and desperate, and then claim me as hard and thoroughly as he pleases.

I don’t even know if he’ll let me go when the month is over… and I’m not sure I’ll want him to.

Publisher’s Note: His to Own is a stand-alone novel which is the third book in the Completely His series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ava Sinclair

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 40,300 Words


“Don’t…” I say with a strangled sob. “Don’t do this again.”

“Now, now,” he says. “You don’t give the orders, remember?”

There’s mockery in his voice. Even though he’s not touching me, I’m still riding the edge of a climax that he won’t allow me to have. He stands, spins me around, pushes me over the back of the chair.

He’s spreading my ass cheeks now, and I look back to see him remove something from his pocket. I immediately recognize it as a butt plug, albeit a small one.

“No. Please…” In my scenarios, something like this would come later—much later—after I’d gotten used to sex. But Atticus Noble seems committed to keeping me off balance. When I try to rise, the room resounds with the sound of a crack and my right buttock suffuses with pain where he’s struck me.

“Hold still,” he says. “Move again, and you’ll get the belt. Hold still, and you’ll be rewarded.”

Fear roots my feet to the floor. I feel the cool rounded tip of the glass plug slide against my labia. He’s turning and twirling it against my pussy, and my body rewards him with a fresh flood of lubricant. A few moments later, I feel the tip of the plug pressing against my anus.


He pulls my left buttock away from my right as he applies more pressure. I know from what I’ve read that I should relax, but I’m tense and tight. The pressure from the plug grows greater. I feel my sphincter concede to the invasion, and a slight sting as the plug breaches my body’s defense and slides in. The small flange at the end keeps it from entering completely.

“Good girl.” Atticus places a hand on my back and moves it up and down in a soothing motion. “You held still while I plugged your ass. Now you’ll be rewarded.”

His other hand moves around my front to snake between my legs. His fingers find my clit. One expertly pulls back the hood while the other makes direct contact with the most sensitive portion of my anatomy. He’s applying just enough pressure to make me gasp and squirm. All the tension, all sensation, coalesces between my legs. He rubs, presses, caresses, teases. I’m vaguely aware of his rough cheek against my shoulder, his muscular chest against my back. But I’m acutely aware of feel of his finger that’s sliding up and down through my slick folds to circle and press my clitoris.

And then it happens. The explosion of pleasure rips through me like a sunburst. My pussy ripples and quakes. I grip the sofa back, glad for the support. Without Atticus pinning me where I am, I’d slide onto the floor from an orgasm so powerful it’s left me weak.

He helps me to standing and turns me around. Wordlessly, he leans down and hands me my dress before going to sit back on the sofa. He refills both our wineglasses and then picks up his book as if nothing has happened. I sit gingerly on the sofa and pick up my wineglass. Anyone walking in at this moment would think we are a couple enjoying a quiet evening. The reality is far stranger. I’m sitting across from the man I sold myself to. He just shoved a glass plug into my ass before giving me the most powerful orgasm of my life. And I’m still a virgin.

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