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His to Possess: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone

It wasn’t temptation. It was instinct.

Stone Keeler is a six-foot-four hunk who could win any girl’s heart and then make her scream in bed, but as he claimed my quivering body for the first time the look in his eyes was terrifying.

It was dark and savage, as if at any moment he might lose control completely and take me like a beast takes his mate, mounting and rutting me and marking me as his with every brutal climax.

I ran from him… but I couldn’t stay away for long.

Not when I belong to him already.



Publisher’s Note: His to Possess is the second book in the Dark Wolves series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 90,000 words


“Pretty little pussy,” he breathed, growling several times before he licked up and down the length of it several times. “Good girls get all the pleasure they can handle.”

“Mmmm… Please. Yes. Yes!” I was completely at his mercy, this man.

This… beast.

I couldn’t get the notion out of my head, but as another wave of longing as well as extreme pleasure rocketed into every crevice in my body and brain, nothing else mattered.

He blew across my wetness, using his mouth and tongue in the most amazing orchestration. Every guttural sound he made, every stroke of his hand on my ass cheeks was almost overpowering.

As he pushed his thumb into the cleft of my ass, I tensed, whimpering several times.

“Every hole belongs to me,” he muttered before burying his face in my pussy. He slipped his thumb into my darkened hole, thrusting in slow strokes.

That was all I could take, the orgasm sweeping down from my toes. “Oh. Oh. Oh!”

“Do not come!”

There was no way I could obey his command. None. Panting, I shifted my head back and forth, struggling to hold back, to continue obeying him. But I lost. As the climax rushed into me, I bit back a cry even as I heard his low-slung growl. I twisted and turned my body, the pleasure so damn intense.

“Oh, God. Oh!” The single orgasm turned into a beautiful wave, shooting up and down my legs, the flames erupting into a firestorm. My entire body shook violently as he continued to feast, refusing to let me go.

When he began to walk toward the dining room table, I fell into a blissful state. The wave continued, shooting me straight into pure ecstasy. I closed my eyes, the echoes of our combined passion ringing in my ears.

He hoisted me up even further, his muscles bulging as he managed to ease me down on the table. As he leaned over, he dragged his tongue across my lips. “You will learn to obey me.”

“Mmmm… Yes. I…” My eyes were hazy, my breath skipping as he stood over me. When he gathered my legs into his arms, immediately thrusting his cock deep inside my pussy, I pushed up from the table from the sheer force. I could believe he filled me so completely, my muscles aching to take the girth.

He grinned as he pulled out until only the tip was inside. When he plunged inside again, skin slapping against skin, I gasped. He slid me up and down the width of the table ferociously as he fucked me, driving his cock inside brutally. He was taking what he wanted.

He’d spanked me.

He’d tasted me.

He’d fucked me.

And I knew there was nothing stopping him from owning me.