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His to Wed: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Sassa Daniels

He didn’t ask me to be his bride. He just carried me off.

When he invited me to join him for a drink, I thought Alessandro was an ordinary guest at my family’s hotel. I didn’t know I belonged to him until he told me right there in the restaurant.

I thought I had a say in the matter, but when I stood up to leave it just earned me a sore bottom for the plane ride to New York, where our wedding was already planned for the next day.

But I was soaking wet for him before he even walked me down the aisle…




Publisher’s Note: His to Wed is a stand-alone romance which is the first book of the Reluctant Vows series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sassa Daniels

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 53,600 words


“Spread your legs wider.”

I immediately do as I’m told since this is clearly a test of my sincerity.

“This will serve as a warning of what will happen the next time you fail to obey me.”

There isn’t a chance to ask him what he’s talking about. Alessandro swings the belt and lands it three more times in quick succession, not on my bottom, but right between my legs. I shriek as a lick of flame travels along my pussy and ignites something deep inside me. The pain twists into an unbearable pressure.

“Did you like that?” Alessandro asks.


Upon my denial, he reaches between my legs and draws a finger along the length of my feminine slit.

“Little liar,” he taunts as he holds his hand in front of my face so I can see the glistening evidence of my arousal. “You’re drenched.”

The answering moan I emit is one of embarrassment. How could being belted like that turn me on? I was a virgin until a couple of days ago. Already, Alessandro seems to have awakened desires I never dreamed I possessed. He flips me over, onto my back. I hiss as I bounce, my aching bottom hitting the firm mattress hard. With my arms still bound behind me the position is uncomfortable, but I soon forget about that as Alessandro drags my legs up over his hips.

“Wrap your legs around my waist,” he urges me.

I do, and he groans as the heel of my shoe scrapes his back. If I’m not mistaken, he liked that. He impales me with a single brutal thrust. The fullness is something I may never grow accustomed to. It feels unnatural to be stretched like this and yet, it brings me a sense of completion. My body was made for this man to ravage.

At this angle, his cock rubs against my clit with every forward motion. The sensitive bud throbs as the first ripples of pleasure swirl inside me. Strain is evident on Alessandro’s face as he stamps his ownership on me. He’s trying to drive home a message. I am his. I get it.

As my breaths become more frantic, I wriggle my hips. Alessandro slides a hand beneath my bottom and my eyes widen as his finger presses against my forbidden hole.

“Soon I’m going to claim this ass.” His tone promises pleasure, a contrast to when he threatened to shove a plug inside me. “Are you ready to come, dolcezza?”

“I’m close.” I can hardly believe that desperate whine came from me.

“Then come for me.”