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His Willful Bride Claims Two #1 Spots!


Maggie Carpenter‘s new book, His Willful Bride, has taken the #1 spots in both the Historical Erotica and Victorian Erotica categories on Amazon! Congratulations, Maggie!

★★★★★ CF @ “just bored, and has an appealing playful side” on August 17, 2015 
Charlotte Winthrop is a young woman with too much time on her hands, and absolutely no interest in spending any of it with the parade of eligible men her aunt and uncle parade past her. It’s obvious from the start that she’s not mean, just bored, and has an appealing playful side. She has been with her aunt and uncle (an Earl) since she was 13, and they felt so sorry for her losing her parents they neglected to show her any discipline as she matured. Consequently, at nineteen, she’s very much her own person and will do as she pleases. Enter Lord Edward Pemberly III. He’s not a youngster, nor does he fall at her feet begging for attention. He’s not mean, not at all, nor is he rude, but he manages to put her in her place from the very beginning. I love how these two characters relate to one another, and the gentle but determined way he treats her. He’s been searching for a passionate woman, but not one of the regular society girls who he finds vain and self-centered. Charlotte has a keen mind, a feisty independent spirit, and he finds her irresistible. This is a very romantic book with a ton of hot sex and discipline. It also has some of the drama that I’ve come to expect with this author. I loved her foray into this genre, and I am truly hoping for a second book. It was a great read.

★★★★★ SH @ “Fantastic romance” on August 17, 2015
An absolutely fantastic Victorian romance! I loved every minute of it! It’s written very well with a plot that keeps the story moving right along and kept me turning page after page. Charlotte is full of sass and spirit, she made me laugh out loud several times. Edward is just what she needs in her life and their journey to love and acceptance of each other was a wonderful, sometimes steamy, ride.

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