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His Willful Bride by Maggie Carpenter

His Willful Bride by Maggie CarpenterFor nineteen-year-old Charlotte Winthrop, there is nothing quite so irksome as putting up with the tedious attempts at courtship of one nervous young suitor after another. Having grown up without discipline since the death of her parents when she was a child, Charlotte’s sharp tongue and often less-than-ladylike demeanor have caused her hapless aunt and uncle no end of grief, and they have all but despaired of finding her a proper husband.

Lord Edward Pemberly III is no timid schoolboy. He is a man of the world, both a gentleman and a businessman, and from the moment she meets him Charlotte’s heart is set racing. Edward quickly makes it clear that once they are wed, he will not hesitate to correct her whenever and wherever he sees fit. On the day of their wedding she misbehaves and he backs up his words, delivering a sound bare-bottom spanking that very evening.

Edward’s plans for Charlotte extend far beyond just spanking, and she is soon kneeling naked at his feet, her beautiful body and bright red, well-punished bottom on full display while he inspects what is his. Though her face burns crimson with shame as she is tied to his bed, spread open and fully exposed, she cannot help quivering with desire and even begs for more as her husband claims her fully.

With every new experience, every blushing climax, and every stern chastisement, Charlotte finds herself falling deeper in love with her handsome, dominant husband. But when a jealous, vindictive woman seeks to come between them, can Charlotte keep her wits about her and trust that Edward is hers forever, just as much as she is his?

Publisher’s Note: His Willful Bride is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Maggie Carpenter

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 53,600 words


“You’ve already told me why you left,” he said, taking her hands. “We may not like the dictates of society, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore them.”

“I’m not ignoring them,” she said with a cheeky grin. “I’m choosing not to follow them.”

“I think that’s the same thing,” he winked.

“Um, it is?”

“I believe so.”

“Be that as it may, I have what I want. You. Here. Alone with me.”

“Charlotte Pemberly, you are a very naughty girl, but you are now my wife—”

“Guilty on both counts,” she interrupted, her eyes sparkling up at him.

“And that means,” he continued, raising his eyebrows, “I can deal with your naughtiness.”

“It does?”

“What do you think happens to naughty, cheeky, willful wives?” he asked, slowly leading her to a fallen tree trunk.

In a flash, Charlotte suddenly knew his intent. He was going to spank her.

“Edward, you’re not going to lay me over your knee, are you?”

“Well guessed,” he nodded. “You are as clever as you are naughty.”

“No, please, no, not here,” she protested, trying to pause his step. “My petticoats! This is scandalous!”

“Yes, here,” he decreed, cutting her off as he perched himself carefully on the rough wood. “It seems right that you should feel my spanking hand for first time in this forest. This is where I first told you how I felt, where I proposed, and where I first kissed you.”

“But, uh, Edward, please, uh, shouldn’t we return to our guests?”

“My goodness,” he exclaimed, raising his eyebrows, “now she wants to go back to the very people from whom she wished to escape. When we return, and we will, you will do so with a very warm bottom, assuming I can find my way underneath all that finery.”

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