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Hoss: A Rough Romance by Delta James

He’s big, he’s mean, and he’s going to be rough with me.

I hadn’t seen Hoss Bishop since the day I stood him up, and I don’t know what I expected to happen when I walked through his door, but I know what did happen. He blistered by bare backside with his belt and then rode me so hard I could barely stand when he was done with me.

Hoss is a brute, but my life is in danger and he’s the one man I trust to protect me, so I’ll have to take everything he gives me. He’ll use me hard and often, but maybe that’s just what I need…




Publisher’s Note: Hoss includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Delta James

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 55,600 words


Reluctantly she turned her back on him. Her body responded to his presence with no effort on his part. When she had turned to face him, it had been a sheer act of will on her part not to glance down to the bulge she was certain was in his jeans. She entered the dimly lit barn and yelped in surprise when he grabbed a handful of her hair and propelled her toward the hood of her car.

As he forced her over the hood, stripping away the sweatpants as he did so, she made note of the fact that the tires were missing, and the car appeared to be up on blocks.

“Oomph,” she said as she hit the front wheel well.

Morgan’s hand connected with her vulva and made a splatting sound. Hearing the wet evidence of her arousal, he chuckled, and Remi cringed. It was bad enough to be experiencing it but having him know was mortifying. He swatted her again, but this time he used his index finger to penetrate her greedy sheath, pumping it back and forth.

“Apparently just having sore butt cheeks isn’t enough to remind you about the rules. Let’s see if having a sore bottom hole can keep you mindful of your need to obey me.”

“What do you mean?”

He answered by shoving his well-lubricated finger through the entrance to her back passage. This time she wasn’t as relaxed and the initial breach was raw and stung, but Morgan didn’t seem to care. He plunged his finger in and out of her. The sensation created was once again uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time. Remi could feel her pussy start to shudder as he finger fucked her bottom hole. It too seemed to respond to his rough pleasure. Her dark channel shivered and contracted all along his finger as he thrust it within. She tried to comprehend how her body could endure the intensity of desire she felt only with him.

No man had ever so much as touched her dark rosebud, and now Morgan was manually stimulating her there for the second time and other than a slight, lingering burn, she could not say that she wasn’t receiving pleasure from the act. Her head shouted that this was wrong, and she should make him stop, but her body knew better. She tried to steady her breathing and prevent the soft keening that was becoming a whimper as her climax approached. Everything in her focused on this man, on what he was doing—what he was making her feel. She was terrified and embarrassed at the amount of carnal sensuality he could inflict on her and that all of her resolve could be undone at his touch. Screaming his name, she fell over the jagged edge into a rapturous space where time, thought, and sanity were suspended.

“Step out of the sweatpants, Remi. From now on you wear only what I give you. I will ensure that you are available for my pleasure using whatever hole I choose.”

Remi could say nothing. She simply did as he instructed and then handed them to him. Hoss took her by the hand and led her back to the house. He resumed the seated position on the couch from the night before. He unbuttoned his fly, allowing his hardened cock to spring free.

“You know the drill, come sit on my cock.”

“Jesus, Morgan, I’m tired and sore.”

“What did I tell you about whining? You want to get in position, or do I need to blister your ass before you get in position? Be thankful I don’t want it shoved up your asshole while we talk.”

Remi searched his face for any sign that he might be persuaded to listen to reason; she saw none. She drew up the sides of the sweater and then straddled him. The minute she began to position the head of his cock at the entrance to her core, he pinched her clit and she swore.

Continuing to strengthen his hold on her delicate tissue, he continued. “Good girls don’t swear at their man when he is disciplining them for their misbehavior. You put yourself back in position and lower yourself on me.”

Tears began to leak from her eyes down her cheeks. Morgan reached up and brushed them away.

“You start minding me, and I won’t have to punish you.”

She impaled herself on his rigid member. As large as he was, her body was quickly adapting to being stretched to the point where she could accommodate him easily. As she settled on him, he took the fullness of her breasts in both hands and kissed and then suckled each nipple. She could feel her core produce enough of her nectar that it managed to leak out onto the base of his staff. She caught her breath as he gently nipped each of her turgid peaks.

“If you try to run away, disobey or whine about providing me with what I want from you, I won’t be as gentle the next time.”

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