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Hostage: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone

I tried to put one man in prison. Then three men took me hostage.

I knew going after one of the most powerful mafia bosses in the world would be dangerous, but I didn’t anticipate being dragged from my apartment already sore, sorry, and shamefully used.

My captors don’t just plan to teach me a lesson and then let me go. They plan to share me, punish me, and claim me so ruthlessly I’ll be screaming my submission into the sheets long before they’re through with me. They took me as a hostage, but they’ll keep me as theirs.




Publisher’s Note: Hostage includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 86,000 words


With every hard smack across my bottom, I jumped, my legs kicking involuntarily. I wiggled to the point Ruger was forced to push his hand against my lower back, simply to keep me in position. He issued another two, one coming after the other and I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. “No. I’ll be good.”

“Yes, you will.”

Ruger finished his round, taking his time, the last slap smacked against my upper thighs. I could barely breathe and there was no amount of thinking. I was just lost, my nails digging into the leather as I held on.

Damien’s massive body loomed in the reflection, his carved muscles creating a huge silhouette. My pussy quivered, giving my desire away and when he inhaled, a smile curling on his face, I clamped my muscles. He knew I was aroused, my own hunger sliding off the charts. Confusion rocketed through me at the same time. How could I be anticipating the second round of punishment and be so wet, so very hot?

I could feel the heat on my bottom increasing as he rubbed his calloused fingertips across my naked skin.

“You’ll have difficulty sitting,” he said, as if proud that would be the case.

A snarl formed on my lips, but I help back, merely trying to concentrate on keeping my position. Damien wasted no time and gave me no mercy as he issued four of the ten in rapid succession.

I yowled as the pain became blinding, even as my hardened nipples scraped across the textured leather. The dichotomy was intense.

He touched my skin then issued another two, waiting as I sat down. “Back in position or I’ll add additional strikes.”

“Yes, sir.” I wasn’t an obedient woman and this was nothing but a clear reminder. I closed my eyes once again, willing my mind into another place as he snapped the belt, issuing the last four in his set.

And I still had another one to go.

I found myself whimpering, shocked my pussy muscles were clenching.

But they were.

I could almost sense a climax racing around the corner. Oh, my God. How could I even think about pleasure?

But I was.

I gritted my teeth as the belt was handed off, uncertain of what to expect with the dark and dangerous Russian. He was the mystery man in all of this. When he leaned over, sliding the hair away from my neck, I quivered from his touch alone. To be attracted to him, to any of them was…the truth. I almost laughed at the ridiculous admittance. I was attracted to him, to his ruthless demeanor and his brooding moods.

“Do you want to come, my little minx?”

The question caught me off guard. “Yes, sir.”

“Then you’re going to earn that privilege.”

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