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Hunted and Caught by Samantha Madisen

Hunted and CaughtDespite owing some big debts to some powerful and dangerous people, Rena has always managed to stay one step ahead of everyone who comes after her, but her luck finally runs out when her ship breaks down and bounty hunter Jonas Riks catches up to her.

Her attempt to resist capture merely earns Rena a painful, embarrassing spanking, and her humiliation deepens when she is subjected to a thorough, intimate medical examination to ensure she is fit for space travel. Rena is horrified to find herself helplessly aroused by Jonas’ firm dominance, and to make matters worse, she knows full well that her naked body’s shameful response to her treatment is fully on display for the handsome bounty hunter and his men.

Jonas does his best to think of Rena as nothing more than a package to be delivered, but the feel of her writhing over his knee during a well-deserved spanking and the sight of her blushing crimson as her beautiful body is examined make that quite difficult indeed. When Rena disregards an opportunity to escape in order to save a member of his crew instead, the decision is made for easy for him. No bounty is big enough to make it worth giving her up.

Rena quickly discovers that even though she is no longer his prisoner, Jonas is still more than ready to dominate her completely, and his masterful lovemaking brings her more pleasure than would have thought possible. But with formidable enemies still seeking to settle scores with Rena—and now with him as well—Jonas knows that it is only a matter of time before they are hunted down. He hatches a risky plan to keep them both safe, but will his gamble pay off?

Publisher’s Note: Hunted and Caught is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, pet play, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Samantha Madisen

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 37,700 Words


She felt the doctor’s gloved hand touch the swollen outer lips of her pussy. Her body tensed at first at the sensation. She glanced at Riks. He was still staring at her. Not just at the softness between her legs; his eyes were roving along her whole body, devouring her curves. Rena felt the blood rush to her face under his gaze. She tried to turn away, to hide the heat that would betray her embarrassment but there was nowhere to turn. Everywhere she looked, another set of eyes was looking back.

Pushing the soft folds open, the doctor moved two fingers of his gloved hand inside her and the sound of her own sticky wetness filled the room. Rena tried to keep her jaw clenched, to remain expressionless but a tiny moan escaped her as her lips parted. She closed her eyes, unable to meet anyone’s gaze. She felt the doctor’s fingers moving inside her, felt the ache temporarily relieved for his presence there. Another wave of shame washed over her. How could anyone in their right mind be aroused by this? she wondered.

“She’s fertile. You’ll have to be careful if you mean to…”

“I don’t mean to do anything like that,” Riks said with certainty, cutting the doctor off in mid-sentence.

A small part of her felt relieved at hearing the words. But another part of her, deep beneath the surface, felt an odd regret. She pushed the thought away, not wanting to confront it just then.

She felt the doctor pull out his gloved fingers, heard the sounds of her wetness closing at his departure.

“Nurse. Thermometer,” he said, holding out a hand, his words clipped and stern. The nurse rummaged in the small bag hanging at her side, then pulled out a thin glass tube with a tiny display on the side. “I’ll have to do this rectally. It’s the most accurate result.” Rena gasped and writhed again at the doctor’s words. “Lift her bottom up.”

Rena’s legs were lifted from the table, pulled up and toward her head until she was resting entirely on her back with her bottom in the air, and then she felt hands descending on her still sore cheeks, spreading them open. She glanced over to see Jayne staring at her intently, and Riks too. This had to be the ultimate humiliation. Both her holes were now completely exposed and accessible, to be seen by anyone in the room who cared to look. Between her legs she saw the doctor applying some kind of salve or ointment to the thin shaft of the thermometer and she realized he was lubricating it. As he placed a hand on her ass and pulled her cheeks even further apart, Rena whimpered as she felt her rear hole open.

“Now stop that,” the doctor chided, “don’t be a child. It’ll be over in a moment.”

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