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Hunted: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Aria Adams

When they chose me, I thought it meant I was special, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

They didn’t pick me for a sporting event. They singled me out to be stripped bare and set loose in the forest to serve as their prey in a terrifying hunt. But they underestimated me, and I escaped.

I didn’t ask for a beautiful, naked young woman to come running out of the woods, desperate, exhausted, and in need of my help, but now that she is under my roof, she is my responsibility.

She can’t go back to the city, and while she’s here she’ll do as she is told or she’ll be spanked until she is sobbing. But even when her cheeks are blushing and her bottom is sore both inside and out, her need for me is obvious, and I know that soon I won’t be able to hold myself back.

Publisher’s Note: Hunted: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance is a stand-alone novel which is the first book in the Stolen Future series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Aria Adams

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 57,600 Words


“Get your nose in that corner, young lady.” His voice, from right behind me, was startling. I leaned forward, my weight slightly off-balance as I thrust my upper back forward.

“That’s better. Your cheeks are a great shade of red. But naughty young ladies get their bottoms punished on the inside too.”

My eyes widened at his words. What was he planning? Why did it make my whole core ache when I imagined him doing something to my ass?

“Come over to the sawing table, and bend over it. Don’t worry, I’ve cleaned it.”

I turned and walked to the big wooden table. It came to exactly the same height as the top of my hips. I bent at the waist and rested my head on the cool, flat surface, savoring the contrast between that and the patches of heat coming from my butt cheeks. I had no idea what he planned to do with me.

“Push that bottom up.”

I flexed my lower spine so my ass was in the air and my belly pressed into the unforgiving wood surface. His hand tapped against my inner thighs.

“Spread your legs.”

I moved my feet apart, marveling at how that made my body sit against the table at a better angle. My rosebud, my aching slit, and my swollen, throbbing clit were all exposed for him to see. What would he decide to do with me?

When Hadley spoke, his voice was gentle but deep. “Naughty girls who don’t behave get their bottoms filled with a nice, solid plug, to remind them who their ass answers to.”

He held something in front of me. It looked like a metal mushroom with a wide base.

“Ever had one of these in your ass before?”

I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was about an inch and a half at its widest point, and I couldn’t envision how it would fit inside me.

A swat landed on my rear, sending a bolt of need straight to my pussy, and I moaned.

“Answer the question, Ember.”

“N-no. I’ve n-never had one of… uh… one of th-those in m-my… in anywhere.” I found it hard to speak when my brain was so fixated on the plug. It looked like it was designed for a horse. There was no way it would fit.

“I’ll go nice and slow, and once you’ve got this plug in your back hole, I’ll remind the rest of you that you’re mine. First though, I’m going to put my finger in your bottom hole and fuck you with it.”

I moaned incoherently as I felt something warm against my tight puckered hole. It slid into me, and new sensations flooded my core. Pressure, against nerves I hadn’t known existed, lit up my ass. I was grateful that there was a table under me because my legs were turning to jelly and my body was melting under this intrusion. And this was just his finger.

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