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Hunted by the Barbarians by Epsilon Angel

They hunted me, caught me, and claimed me. Now they’re going to share me.

Barbarians. Just thinking about the shameful things these beasts would do with a human girl like me should have been enough to keep me out of the forest on Hunting Night, but I went anyway.

The moment they caught my scent, my fate was sealed.

I tried to escape, but all my efforts earned me was a spanking that left my cheeks blushing, my bottom burning, and the evidence of my body’s helpless surrender glistening on my bare thighs.

Whether I like it or not, I’m theirs now.

Theirs to take. Theirs to keep. Theirs to mark and claim in every way.

Theirs forever.

Publisher’s Note: Hunted by the Barbarians includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Epsilon Angel

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 80,000 words


“Put my cock where it belongs, little one.”

My mouth fell open and I shivered, my hand reaching down to do as he commanded. I drew that ridged trunk of flesh across the wet lips of my sex, both of us groaning at the sensation. Unable to wait, I notched the head of his cock at my opening and pressed my hips downward.

My eyes glazed over as he slid inside, stretching and filling me almost unbearably with his shaft. Each ridge crammed itself in with a delicious, tight pop, before rubbing ruthlessly against my clit and walls.

Then he thrust, battering that magical spot beneath my belly button, forcing me to dig my nails into the golden flesh of his broad shoulders. He grunted at the pain, but his cock twitched inside of me, and he ground deep—almost too deep—into me.

Suddenly, thick fingers wound their way into the curls at the base of my scalp, wrenching my head back to stare into Domal’s wicked face.

“You didn’t forget about me, did you, Alta?” he teased, thrusting his hips into the cradle of my backside with a grunt. “I have a hole to claim, myself.”

My pussy clenched around Fiach at his wicked words, and the Barbarian’s fingers dug into the flesh of my thighs so tight it would surely leave marks. Something new fluttered in my stomach at the thought, and I ached for them to leave their bruises on my skin. Or, perhaps, their teeth-marks on my neck.

My throat tingled blissfully at the thought.

“Fill her ass, Domal, before I decide to continue without you,” Fiach snarled, jerking me twice roughly on his lap. I whimpered as he halted, tugging on the roots of his hair in displeasure.

Domal hissed at the threat, and the familiar sensation of lubricant being applied to my bottom hole swiftly followed. I sighed in relief as his slick cock burrowed its way into the depths of my ass, filling me with so much male I was bursting at the seams and sobbing for release.

They snarled in unison as they began to plunder my body, rocking me back and forth between the two of them in a carnal, desperate rhythm. Domal’s palm began cracking down on my ass in time with his thrusts, Fiach burying his face in my breasts, nipping and sucking with every shuddering drive of his hips. It wasn’t long before I teetered on the edge of completion.

They sensed it, quickening their thrusts and baring their teeth as they chased their pleasure.

“Mark her,” Domal ordered, his words scarcely more than a growl.

Fiach snarled in agreement, and they lunged forward as one, two sets of fangs embedding themselves in either side of my throat.

I’d braced myself for pain, but instead I was besieged by a burning, soul-deep ecstasy, rushing up from my toes and forcing me to scream soundlessly to the heavens. My clenching holes soon dragged both my males unwillingly over the edge with me, and they roared as they crammed their cocks as deep as they could, emptying their seed with sharp, guttural curses.

My orgasm seemed to stretch forever, as did theirs, our entangled bodies dissolving into a twitching, panting puddle of mutual release.

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