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Hunted: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Ivy Barrett

They took her. Now they will claim her.

Ansley knew that one day aliens would come for her and the other girls on the island where she grew up, but it was only after she was captured and stripped bare that she learned the full truth.

The warriors who hunted her down, spanked her for her defiance, and then brought her to a shameful climax didn’t come looking for the secrets of the enclave’s mysterious founders.

They came for their mate.

But to claim her completely, they must master both her body and the power locked within it.



Publisher’s Note: Hunted is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth book in the Exchanged Power series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ivy Barrett

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 62,800 words


He lunged for her, easily dragging her hands away from her body as he pulled her back to the bed. He urged her down onto her back, legs hanging over the side. Pinning her hands above her head with one hand, he used his knees to spread her legs. “Much better.” Their gazes locked as he stroked her breasts, his thumb teasing her nipples. “Is this what you want, sweet little innocent?” He trailed his index finger down the center line of her body, dipping into her navel and then over her mound. He sank between her slick folds and pushed two fingers deep into her tight, virgin pussy. “Are you desperate to have this hole stretched by your mate’s hard cock?”

“No,” she sobbed, turning her face to the side. “I want access to my power and fucking you is the price I must pay.”

He chuckled and drew his fingers nearly out.

She moaned, her muscles tightening needfully around his fingertips.

“I think you need more than that.” He thrust his fingers deep, drawing a cry from her.

“Stop teasing me!” she yelled as she tried to wiggle away from his hand.

He shoved into her again and again. The motion felt like a mini-claiming, possessive and savage.

“Why do you get so wet whenever I spank you?” And she was sopping wet.

“I can’t control my body’s reactions.” She faced him again, glaring up into his eyes. “Is it intentional every time your cock gets hard?”

“The founders twisted your thinking. They taught you to value independence and resent authority. But you are an Altorian conduit.” He continued to finger-fuck her needy core as his gaze bore into hers. “Your body craves my dominance. It needs to be controlled and challenged.” With his fingers buried deep inside her, he found her clit with his thumb and lightly stroked the sensitive bud. “You were not meant to be independent. You were engineered to operate as part of a triad.”

She stared into his eyes as her hips began to rock against his fingers. It was likely she didn’t even realize she was moving so sensually.

“Submit to my authority.” He circled her clit, pressing a little harder as his fingers stretched her inner muscles. “Trust me to give you what you need.”

“I need your cock,” she cried, tears escaping the corners of her eyes. “I need my power.”

He removed both his hands from her body and straightened, wiping his fingers on his pant leg. His expression was stern as he stared down at her. “Our joining is a privilege you have yet to earn.”

An exasperated cry tore from her throat and she covered her face with her hands. “This is so unfair.” She lowered her arms and sat up, drawing her legs together.

“No,” Jobek snapped. “Legs open, arms at your sides. Your body belongs to your mates and this mate enjoys looking at you.”

“You’re only my mate if I let you claim me,” she grumbled, but eased her legs apart.

Jobek moved closer, allowing his gaze to move at will over her delightful curves. “You please me greatly,” he admitted softly as he cupped her breast. Her only response was a sharply indrawn breath so he continued to explore. He pinched her nipples until they stood high and tight. “I will clamp these one day soon.” He pinched both tightly between his fingers and thumbs. “Then release them while I fuck you.”