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Hunted: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

She was supposed to be a job. Then I made her mine.

Hope Gracen was just another target to be tracked down… until I caught her.

When I discovered I’d been lied to, I carried her off.

She’ll tell me the truth with her bottom still burning from my belt, but that isn’t why she’s here.

I took her to protect her. I’m keeping her because she’s mine.





Publisher’s Note: Hunted includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 76,000 words


“You need to learn that following my rules will keep you alive.”

His words seemed to echo, sounding so far away. I shuddered to my core, fighting to maintain what little was left of my dignity. He had to know just how turned on I was. He had to realize what he was doing to me. I was sickened and embarrassed, kicking out my legs as I twisted back and forth.

“Stay in position.” His tone was husky, his words meaning little to me.

The agony was biting yet the wetness between my legs continued to increase. Panting, the moment he smacked the belt down two more times, tears formed in my eyes. I allowed them to fall, my fear and worry about Grady’s well-being intolerable. How could I have allowed him to stay with a stranger? Why had I dared to trust a man who’d put a gun to my head?

I braced myself as he cracked the strap down, one coming after the other. The humiliation of allowing him to do this to me would never leave.

My mind shifted into a blur as he finished the horrible deed. I could tell how heavily he was breathing, sensing he remained close. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball, pretending the last few days had never happened. I also had the need to get the hell away from him. There was no way I could trust the brutal man. I took several deep breaths as I moved onto all fours, trying to crawl to the end of the bed. When I managed to slip onto the floor, I couldn’t hold back a cry of frustration. I closed my eyes, trying to do everything I could to pretend this wasn’t happening.

Dominik crouched down in front of me, the heat of his body becoming oppressive. When he dared to lift my chin with a single finger, my normal fighting instincts took over. Lashing out, I pummeled my fists against him, doing everything in my power to shove him away.

“Stop fighting me,” he commanded, as if I could give a shit what he was ordering me to do.

“No. No!” Even though somewhere in the back of my mind I knew my struggle was useless, I refused to give in, jerking away then slamming my fists against his chest.

He jerked me to my feet, holding my arms, his breathing just as ragged as mine. For a few seconds, he stared at me, the dark cold look in his eyes keeping me trembling. There was no doubt what the man was thinking.

The bastard wanted to fuck me.

I twisted and kicked out, managing to shove my knee into him. Rearing back, he growled then stumbled. I jumped across the bed, once again heading for the weapon. This time, he fisted my hair, dragging me several feet. When he forced me to face him, the electric current between us shot to an entirely new level.

I’d never been so attracted to another man in my life. While my brain continued to try to warn me, my body did something else entirely. The betrayal was gut wrenching, but almost impossible to ignore.

“Such a bad girl,” he whispered as he gazed down the length of me, his chest heaving.

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