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The Immortal’s Bite Makes a Top 100 List

The Immortal's Bite by Melody Parks Makes Top 100Earlier this week, Melody Parks’ first book with Stormy Night reached the Amazon Top 100 list for Paranormal Erotica.  Congratulations to Melody!

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★★★★★ MissyGirl @ “Loved It!”

Not your typical bloody vampire, Gregorie is sexy and sensitive, but still a badass dominant Vamp when he needs to be. And he needs to be frequently with Cassy, who resists her attraction, at first. Intriguing, romantic, sensual and naughty (thanks to Cassy), this book has it all. You don’t want to miss it.

★★★★★ LovesKitten @ “The Immortal’s Bite”

I found this to be a wonderfully spicy read. Now, normally I am not into vampire stories and I loved this one, so that tells you something! It was full of action, wonderful romance scenes as well as sex scenes that sizzled off the pages. You will love these characters!! Highly recommend!


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