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In Daddy’s Custody by Kelly Dawson

I didn’t know I needed a daddy. He did.

Alright, maybe I’d let my life go a little off the rails… but that didn’t give Jaxon Herewini the right to scold me like a naughty little girl and then take me over his knee for a spanking.

Right or no right, though, he reddened my ass and warned me it would be bare next time. But as he pulls my panties down to keep that promise, the most shameful part isn’t being soaking wet.

It’s calling him daddy.





Publisher’s Note: In Daddy’s Custody includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Kelly Dawson

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 53,400 words


The spanking continues, each hard smack laid down on alternating ass cheeks, right on my sit spots. Below the plug inside me. I know our upcoming plane journey is going to be uncomfortable, and that’s exactly why he’s doing this.

“You are an incredible young woman, Jade, and your behaviour should reflect that,” he scolds, spanking me harder with each swat. “How do you think Richard felt, seeing those pictures of you on the front pages of the papers, all over the internet? That’s not going to happen anymore.”

Smack! “Five.” I’m sobbing so hard I can barely get the word out—both from the pain of the spanking, but also from Jaxon’s words. He’s making me realise that my behaviour doesn’t just reflect poorly on me, but it upsets Richard and my father, as well. Before, although I was peripherally aware that it hurt them, I didn’t really give it much thought. But now, Jaxon is drumming it into me properly. Both with his hard hand and his harsh words.

“Because the Jade I’m falling in love with is well mannered, sensible, and makes good choices. She treats people well.”

Smack! “Six!” I shout. Finally! It’s over. But his words echo in my head. I’m falling in love… he’s falling in love with me! A warmth unlike any I’ve ever felt before spreads through me, to my bones, to my core. And I finally admit what I’ve been trying so hard to deny: I’m falling in love with him, too. I don’t just like him and respect him. It’s not just admiration and lust. It’s so much more.

“I think I’m falling in love with you, too,” I whisper. “But how is that even possible when we barely know each other?”

Jaxon slides my panties down my legs and slips them over my feet and off. I don’t ask him what he’s doing. Right now, I don’t even care.

“I think we know each other just fine,” he says. “We’ve spent a fair bit of time together since we met. Maybe we don’t know much about each other’s pasts or dreams. But I know you—the essence of you—and you know me.”

“Mmmm.” I murmur an agreement. I don’t know if I totally believe him, but it does make sense. At least, I think it does.

“And we’ve got our whole lives to get to know each other, little girl. We don’t have to know everything there is to know before we acknowledge our feelings.”

“Mmmmm.” That same agreeing murmur again. But this time, he’s right.

He pats my bottom—still bare—and helps me to sit up.

“Get back into the front seat, little girl. We’ve got a plane to catch.”

“But my panties?”

Jaxon shakes his head, grins, and pockets my panties.

“I’ll give them back to you at the airport. For now, you can sit on your sore, bare bottom. And that plug can stay right where it is, too. To remind you to behave on the flight.”