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In Need of Taming by Jessica-Rose Heath

Though Anna has spent years learning to get what she wants from men, the law has finally caught up with her, and now her only chance to escape a jail sentence for her con artistry is to find a husband as quickly as possible. There is a man who fits the bill perfectly, but he makes it clear that he will expect her obedience and any future misbehavior will be strictly corrected.

Hugh Estham knows his beautiful new bride will need taming, and when she forgets her place he does not hesitate to strip her bare and spank her until she is sore and sobbing. His plans for Anna include much more than just a sore backside, however, and he wastes no time in showing her how pleasurable it can be to surrender her virgin body to his skilled, dominant lovemaking. But when a powerful man with a grudge seeks revenge, will Anna’s past come back to haunt her?


Publisher’s Note: In Need of Taming includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Jessica-Rose Heath

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 44,100 words


“Hugh, really? A corner? I am not a child.”

“No, you are a wife who has shown disrespect for her husband’s authority. At the moment you only face a hand spanking. Disobey and you will visit the stables.”

Anna’s face flushed hot but she remembered the harness strap so did as she was told. In their bedroom she removed all her clothing, placing it neatly in the dressing room. Then she went and found an empty corner to stand in. She felt hugely embarrassed and became more so the longer she stood there. Her bottom and breasts began to feel cold, which baffled her. Why should they feel cold?

Her wait seemed endless and the longer she waited the more nervous she felt. She knew her sister was disciplined and so was Mrs. Morgan. In all likelihood so were most women in the town. Did they have to wait in a corner? Is this why her mother ran off? Perhaps her father spanked her and she hated it so much she ran away. Her increasingly frantic thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Hugh. She heard him go to her dressing table and the stool being pulled out.

“Come over to me, wife.”

Anna felt keenly the embarrassment of walking naked to her husband to be spanked. She had only just started to get used to being naked in front of him for other purposes but this…

“Come to my right side. Good. I do realize this is hard for you. However, it is a lesson you must learn and this spanking will teach you. Now come over my lap, please.”

Hugh guided her over his knees; an uncomfortable and embarrassing position that squashed her tummy into his strong legs and left her feeling exposed and vulnerable. To her shame Anna whimpered as Hugh laid his hand on her bottom. This was no erotic journey she was about to make but punishment. It was something she had never experienced before.

“I shall not be overly severe but I am giving you a good spanking. Are you ready?”

“No,” she squealed. “Where do I put my hands?” It was an odd question she knew but she had been hunting for a natural place to put her hands. Naked, with her head hanging down and waiting for her bare bottom to be spanked, all rational thought fled. What on earth would her influential friends say if they could see her like this? Then the thought hit her that a lot of men might well pay to see her, or indeed any naked woman, be spanked.

“Of course, I should have told you. You may hold on to the legs of your stool or hold my leg or just grip your hands together. Whatever you choose, do not reach back to stop your punishment. Understood?”

“Yes,” she squeaked and gripped her hands together, vowing to ask Alice how she coped. Then Hugh’s hand smacked down hard on her bottom. Anna was shocked at how harsh the sting was. It was intense and felt as if Hugh’s hand was both the size of a shovel and made of wood. Her hands flew apart and she brought one around to protect her bottom.

“No, wife. You must learn to take your punishment properly.” With that Hugh began spanking the top of her thighs very hard and fast. Anna yelped, cried, writhed, and moved her hand away from her bottom very fast but it made no difference. Her husband continued to punish her thighs until they burned and stung terribly.

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