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In Need of Training: A Victorian Romance by Samantha Madisen

Rupert Dobson is renowned for his skill in reforming unruly young ladies in preparation for marriage, but when eighteen-year-old orphan Emma Thorncliffe is brought to the stern doctor he soon realizes she will require a much firmer hand and far more shameful correction than usual.

After a stinging application of the crop to her bare backside under the watchful eye of her guardian leaves Emma helplessly aroused yet still unrepentant, she soon finds herself blushing crimson as she is stripped completely, paddled thoroughly, and cleansed in the most humiliating manner possible, all before she is brought to a quivering climax by the handsome physician.

Despite Rupert’s best efforts, however, Emma remains defiant when he attempts to match her with a suitor. The situation is further complicated by his growing realization that he has no desire to find a husband for her and that there is only one man for whom he wants her trained.


Publisher’s Note: In Need of Training includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Samantha Madisen

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 62,000 words


He composed himself and leveled a steady gaze at her. He was a professional man, and he must behave accordingly.

She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. Her expression was that delightful mix of shock and curiosity he’d come to crave. What was normally a dispassionate procedure for him—fitting the trainer into a virgin anus—was filling him with unbridled lust. The urge gripped him again to tear Emma’s clothes away and take her over the spanking stool. He felt as if it required physical strength to sweep the thought from his mind.

“Ms. Thorncliffe,” he barked, startling her. He spoke brusquely, to bury the signs of his own desire. “Hike your skirts up and retake the position you previously assumed.” He reached for the plug and took it from her hands.

Emma’s eyes moved over his face, wondering, he supposed, what had happened to his demeanor. Better that she wonder why he was cold and professional, than why he could not control himself.

Hesitant at first, still questioning him with her intelligent gaze, she stood up after a few moments and did as he had instructed. She kept her eyes locked on his as she raised her skirts, then slowly climbed onto the stool. She lay herself down on her stomach and held her dress up with one hand.

Rupert stood up, disoriented. He circled around the stool until he was at her rear. He watched his hand as he extended it toward her underthings, her flesh tantalizingly warm beneath the thin fabric. His hands were shaking from the need that coursed through him. He hooked a finger beneath the fabric, and the heat of her silky-soft skin burned through him. The warmth steadied his hand. Slowly, he pulled her underthings away from her soft skin, the welts from his previous punishments rosy and nearly flat.

He was certain that Emma gasped, and he closed his eyes to steady himself and remind himself that he was a doctor, a professional, and that he could not get caught up in Emma beyond his duties.

His eyes fell to the dewy cleft of her tight slit. He pressed the tip of the trainer against it, then ran up and down the length of her wet flesh, collecting her juices.

The fact that she was obviously aroused by this was not lost on him. The petals of her pretty flower were a shade darker than before. Its slickness made it obvious that she was more curious than shocked about the naughty intrusion he was about to deliver. “You find this arousing, do you?” he murmured. The thought had become words before he had time to control himself.

A moment’s silence passed before she replied in a whisper. “I do,” she said.

His cock hardened in his trousers at her answer. But he was her disciplinarian, and he had a job to do. A woman to break and to train. Emma Thorncliffe was not his. “Ms. Thorncliffe,” he made himself say coldly. “Place your hands upon your bottom and spread your buttocks apart for me,” he instructed.

She released the material of her dress, and it fell onto the small of her back. With hesitation, she placed a hand on each of her pink, welted cheeks. “Like this, Doctor?” she said quietly.

“Very good, Ms. Thorncliffe, now pull them apart. You must,” he wiped a bead of sweat from his brow and stumbled in his speech, “you must learn to demonstrate your utter submission to your husband, and by… by this gesture, you show him that you know that your body is his, and belongs to him properly, for his pleasure. You must…” Rupert found himself stumbling, troubled by the words he had spoken so often, so clinically, to other girls he had trained. “You must accept your husband gratefully, and thank him for his provisions for your welfare. Kindly show your enthusiasm by pulling your buttocks apart, indicating that you know your place.”

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