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Indecent Invitation: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone

The contract didn’t make me his. He did.

I shouldn’t be here.

My clothes shouldn’t be scattered around the room, my bottom shouldn’t be sore, and I certainly shouldn’t be screaming into the sheets as a ruthless tycoon takes everything he wants from me.

I shouldn’t even know Houston Powers at all, but I was in a bad spot and I was made an offer.

A shameful, indecent offer I couldn’t refuse.

I was desperate, I needed the money, and I didn’t have a choice. Not a real one, anyway.

I’m here because I signed a contract, but I’m his because he made me his.

Publisher’s Note: Indecent Invitation includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 72,000 words


Pushing and pulling, she couldn’t budge at first, yet the little hellion refused to give up. She raked her nails down my back, her moans turning into ragged whimpers. Her refusal to submit to me tossed gasoline onto the roaring fire.

I was blinded by my needs, dominating her tongue as I explored the dark recesses of her mouth. She could have no way of knowing what she was doing to me. I shifted my hips back and forth, the friction even more powerful than the kiss. And I took my time, waiting until she finally allowed her body to mold against mine, acquiescing to the point of acting as if she enjoyed the moment of passion.

When I broke the kiss, I nipped her lower lip, allowing a string of growls to permeate the night air.

“Oh…” The single syllable slipped out of her mouth. She closed her eyes, panting as I dragged my tongue from one side of her jaw to the other, biting down on her earlobe then licking very slowly around the shell of her ear.

“You’re all mine,” I breathed, barely able to contain my raw needs. I was going to take her in every tight hole, forcing her to suck my cock before plunging it deep into her pretty pink pussy. Then I’d claim her ass, spanking her in order to insure her obedience. After that, I’d tie her to my bed, keeping her naked and waiting for my use. My thoughts were vile and sadistic, filthy and delicious and I knew I couldn’t resist her any longer.

I should have known the little brat had something up her sleeve. She would never truly give in to me. The second I pulled away, she managed to throw a hard punch to my chest, immediately twisting in order to get out of my clutches.

However, she didn’t understand my power on any level. The second I snagged her forearm, she reeled around, smacking my face. The force of her actions pummeled us backward, tossing us into the pool.

The shock of the water as well as her actions dragged at my rage. I still had my grip on her arm, but she was quick with her actions, kicking out and breaking my hold. As soon as I popped up to the surface, I let out a deep roar. The little brat had already started to swim away.

Hell, no.

She wasn’t going to get away from me.

Not now.

Not ever.

Reaching out, I snagged her leg, easily able to drag her backwards.

“Bastard,” she hissed.

“You’re right.” I slapped my hand around the back of her neck, wrapping one leg around her. “You’re going to stop fighting me.”

Her eyes darted back and forth, her breath skipping. My God, she was absolutely stunning in the lighting of the pool. Everything about her was exactly what I’d craved my entire life. She’d managed to break through some insane barrier, crashing against the armor that I’d invested time and effort into securing around myself.

And I wanted every inch of her.

“You’re such a horrible person,” she whispered, some of the fight slipping away.

“But this horrible bastard you can’t resist.”

Her mouth twisted as she clung to me, her nose wrinkling as she tried to think of some retort. “I will always resist you.”

“You’re lying to me, Bristol. I could smell your desire the moment I walked in the door. Tell me you crave my cock sliding deep inside of you.”

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