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Innocence Examined by Emily Tilton

Sir Gerald is having great difficulties with Caroline, his eighteen-year-old ward. He has always been a doting guardian, shielding young Caroline from the truth about the differences between men and women and what they do behind closed doors. But now Caroline has become much too curious for her own good, to the point where he must bring himself to punish her repeatedly for hiding in closets in an attempt to witness the pleasures he takes with his mistress.

At his wit’s end, Sir Gerald calls upon the services of Dr. Reginald Brown and his colleague Dr. James Fairleigh. After a thorough, intimate examination, the physicians decide that since Caroline is of age, it would be appropriate for her to become acquainted with the pleasures a man can bring a woman. Instead of marrying her off to someone who won’t give her the freedom Sir Gerald can afford, the men decide that Dr. Fairleigh will personally oversee young Caroline’s erotic education.

After Caroline is made to observe Sir Gerald’s couplings for the first time, however, her wide-eyed innocence stirs Dr. Fairleigh far more than he thought possible. When she implores him to take care of her, the young doctor finds himself promising that he will. Before he knows it, she has utterly claimed his heart, and he can’t imagine her being given to anyone else. But can he rescue Caroline from Sir Gerald’s plans for her before it is too late?

Publisher’s Note: Innocence Examined is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 57,500 words


“Now then,” said Brown. “Miss Hollins, please lie down on your bed, on your back, so that I may begin the examination.”

Trembling a little, Caroline did as the doctor bid, looking up at him as he pulled the chair from her vanity table to sit next to her at the head of the bed.

“I am afraid you will find many of my questions most embarrassing, Miss Hollins, but it is absolutely necessary that we be as frank as we can be in these matters. In the old days, many girls were left entirely at sea where their erotic lives were concerned.”

Fairleigh cleared his throat, a little uncomfortably, Sir Gerald thought, and Caroline’s eyes seemed to seek him out at the sound, but Brown paid him no mind and continued, “Even today, those outdated notions of feminine modesty make many girls’ lives a misery of secrets and of unfulfilled longings. Do you think you know what I mean, Miss Hollins?”

“Yes, doctor,” Caroline whispered.

“Your guardian here, who feels himself unqualified to undertake this sort of examination, and to inform you on these matters, has nevertheless, as you will perhaps soon discover more fully for yourself, embarked with Mr. Vance on a thoroughly up-to-date course of life. Now that you have begun to inquire about such things, he wishes to allow you also the opportunity to take that enlightened perspective on them. I imagine you do not quite take my meaning, Miss Hollins?”

“No, doctor.” Caroline’s brow grew troubled. “Do you mean that Sir Gerald wishes me to understand about how he and Mr. Vance live with Miss Anne and Miss Charlotte? For I very much wish to learn about that!”

Brown smiled, and winked at Sir Gerald. The wink made Sir Gerald’s blood sing in his ears, with the way it seemed to say, “Do you see? How can you doubt that she should be acquainted with the ways of a natural man as soon as you like?”

“Yes, that is it, Miss Hollins, in part,” Brown said. “But it falls to me also to acquaint you with these matters more generally, and to try to discern whether you may be ready, and well suited, for that sort of life yourself.”

“Do you mean for a husband?”

“Not necessarily,” said Brown. “For it may be that I discover in your unusual feelings signs, known to me as a leading researcher in this field, that conventional married life will not bring you happiness, and that a different sort of life recommends itself more strongly, for your coming transition to adult life.”

Caroline’s blush deepened, as did the crease in her brow. “Doctor,” she said. “I do not understand at all! What do you mean?”

“I know, Miss Hollins. Do not be alarmed. I shall not reveal everything to you today, for that would abridge the rights of the man who shall, either as your husband or as your awakener, under other circumstances, teach you to please him. I shall, however, reveal enough to set your mind at ease. Now please raise your shift to your waist, lift your knees, and spread them as widely as you comfortably can.”

Caroline’s cheeks seemed to catch fire with the glow of her blush. Fairleigh once again cleared his throat, and Sir Gerald found himself doing the same. The prospect of that view of Caroline’s maiden quim threatened to rob him of his reason, even as it had instantly stiffened his cock.

“Oh! Surely that is not the way a doctor… that is today, do doctors not simply use their hands upon those parts, for modesty’s sake?”

“That is indeed the old-fashioned way, Miss Hollins, but as I have said I am a leading researcher in this field, and my methods are entirely up to date. It is important that we get as good a look as we possibly can at the parts of you concerned in our discussion, and in my evaluation of your case. I hope I shall not have to ask your guardian to punish you in order to persuade you to comply.”

“No, doctor,” Caroline whispered. Clearly unable to look at the men, she began to pull up her shift, showing her shapely marble thighs, and then the alluring view of a tender pink cleft lightly mossed with red hair. To his shame, Sir Gerald could not help picturing his cock there, teaching her the final, consummating lesson to which Brown had referred. He glanced at Fairleigh, who seemed just as intent on the revelation of Caroline’s young quim, and he felt again that jealous rage he had felt when the young man had bowed over Caroline’s hand.

Now Caroline raised her knees and spread them, and it was all Sir Gerald could do not to pant with desire at the sight of his lovely eighteen-year-old ward holding her shift at her waist and revealing the coral secrets of her cunt and bottom. If Sir Gerald had had difficulty pushing back the image of his cock in that sweet little cunt, the picture of having her in her arsehole for the first time resisted even more strongly his attempt to shove it to the side and to try to concentrate on the science of Brown’s examination.

“Thank you, Miss Hollins,” the doctor said, and laid his hand on Caroline’s cunt. Sir Gerald heard himself draw breath in a little gasp at that, but Caroline did not seem to notice her guardian’s surprise. She had her eyes closed, and bit her lips as Brown’s fingers caressed—there was no other word for what he did—her virgin treasure.

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