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Insatiable: A Dark Romance by Loki Renard

His need for me is insatiable. He’s going to take everything he wants.

He once planned to romance me, but that man is gone, and the beast he became has only one purpose, one desire, one impulse: to tear my clothes off and ravish me over and over.

With my naked body helpless in his rough, unbreakable grip, he’ll claim every part of me savagely, punishingly, each brutal climax leaving me screaming louder than the last.

Even when he’s finished with me, I know it won’t be for long. Each time he uses me is more merciless, intense, and shameful than the one before… and I’m not sure I want him to stop.



Publisher’s Note: Insatiable includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Loki Renard

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 44,300 words


My anus burns as it stretches around him, as he pushes forward and takes me deeper than I think I can take him.

“Don’t move your hands,” he says. “Pull your cheeks open more. Show me your asshole. Beg me to fuck it.”

“You’re already inside me!”

“Beg me,” he rumbles. “Tell me you’re a naughty little girl who needs her asshole fucked and you’re sorry for being so rude.”

When I don’t answer right away, he pulls out and pushes back in, a short, punishing stroke that makes me squeal. My pussy is clenching with desire, even though this treatment is utterly humiliating.

“I’m sorry!”

“For what?” Another stroke in and out of my stretched asshole.

“I’m sorry for… owwwie…”

“Tell me, girl.”

“I’m sorry I was rude!”

“You were rude, weren’t you. Telling me to leave.”


His cock pops past the ring of my ass, slides in what feels like a mile. I screech my agreement with his punishment and take every bit of it, my hands spreading my cheeks wide. Goddamn, he has broken me to his will. I still don’t know his name. I don’t know anything about him apart from the fact that he owns me.

He ravages my ass with deeper strokes, pushing me over the couch with thrust after thrust. I scream. I wail. I kick my toes against the floor, drumming my feet as he ravages my tight little hole.

The monster of a man I have taken as my lover sinks his cock deep inside me, leans over my body, and presses his lips to the back of my head in a brutal-sweet kiss. “Bad girl,” he murmurs against my hair.

Something in those two little words triggers my orgasm. I am a bad girl. He doesn’t know how bad I am, but I do, and suddenly that hot, thick cock inside my ass just feels right. My pussy is creaming as I start to shudder with climax, my clit grinding the back of the couch while he holds himself steady, letting me buck and impale my ass on him with the throes of orgasm until finally I am sated, panting and sweating, slumped over the back of the couch with his cock still thick and hard inside me.

Then he starts to fuck me again.

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