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Instinct: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard

I mistook him for a wild beast. Then he claimed me like one.

Though I was sent to scan this planet for human life, its inhabitants seem more like beasts than men to me. But now I’ve crash landed, and one of them has decided to take me as his mate…

He is far from gentle, but as this brute claims me I know it is not pain or fear compelling me to surrender myself to him so shamefully I may never stop blushing.

It is instinct.





Publisher’s Note: Instinct includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Loki Renard

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 43,100 words


Just when I think it can’t get any more embarrassing, Zion drops the leather and spreads my legs. I am wet. Dripping. His cock thrusts inside me, spreading me wide, taking me with pounding, punishing strokes.

The tribe watches as we are both fucked, our bottoms whipped and then spread for the male cocks who own us. When I dare look up even for a moment, I see that the warriors are looking on with carnal satisfaction while most of the women have fled, beside Tyna’s huntresses. They stay nearby, looking on with a more solemn solidarity.

Zion’s cock fills me and I look over at Tyna. They are doing worse things to her now. Her mouth is filled deep, I watch her face contort as a thick rod spears inside her ass, and a moment later it is my mouth dropping open as Zion slides out of my pussy and instead begins to push his dick inside my tightest hole.

I start to beg for him not to do it, but I know the begging will do nothing. The thick head of his cock finds my bottom, presses at the tight ring of muscle, then pulls away. I think he is showing mercy, but he is simply taking a moment to prepare me. His hands spread my spanked cheeks and his tongue bathes my bottom. It is as if I am an animal; he is cleaning me, teasing me. He is performing filthy animal acts on me. And I am responding. My dripping pussy clenches against nothing at all as his tongue probes my bottom, followed by a finger that makes entrance to that place never designed to take a cock.

“Not there! Not there!”

My gasped pleas do nothing at all. When he decides I am going to be fucked, I am fucked, but my bottom is tight, and the massive thickness of his cock is not an easy fit. It stings and it stretches and it makes me moan and gasp. His big hands are wrapped about my waist, pressing me down into position. There’s no way out of this.

I scream as I am publicly taken, my bottom hole stretched for all to see. The tribe chants in time with the thrusts as both Tyna and I pay for our sins. We are both being fucked in the most shameful way, our naked bodies presented to the tribe, our atonement coming in the form of a sexual submission that does not come naturally to either of us and yet that we must give.

Zion uses the lubrication from my pussy and an additional source of some white substance brought on a large leaf to rub along the shaft of his cock, easing the passage of the oh-so-thick rod into my ass.

“We are nothing if our women will not live in peace,” Zion declares, seating his cock deep in my ass. “Females can never be permitted to fight, not even those from the stars. It makes us weaker. It brings shame. It will never be tolerated, no matter who the combatants are. Whether you come from the stars, or lead the huntresses, if you give into petty fighting, you will be punished just like this.”

He thrusts inside my ass and my wail punctuates his point. The women of the village are listening. The men too. The object of this is shame. We are being shamed for what we did. I never want to endure a punishment like this again. If Tyna comes near me I am heading in the other direction as fast as possible.

“Are you learning your lesson, star girl?” Zion bends down and asks me the question personally, his voice warm in my ear, his cock still hard in my ass.

“Yes, I am sorry. I promise I’ll never fight again. I swear. I promise…” I babble my apologies, ready to say anything to have him forgive me. I want to be gathered into his arms. I want to be told that it is okay. I want this punishment to be over, never to be repeated.

Hearing my words and my penitent tone, Zion presses me down over the tree and he fucks my bottom with swift strokes. He is going to come inside me. I am going to leak his seed from my anus. And worse, his other hand is down and around between my legs. His fingers find my slippery clit and rub it as he fucks me, his cock plunging in and out of my tight little hole, making me grind with something like pleasure.

I don’t know if it feels good. I know it is punishment. I know I have been bad. I know my ass is being fucked long and hard because I was a naughty girl, and I know that he is rubbing my clit so I can come at the same time he does. It’s a small mercy, and I am grateful for it.

His roar as he spends himself inside my bottom is matched with my squeal of climax. He holds himself deep and he shoots that seed all the way inside me until there is nothing more to be spent. I whimper as he slowly pulls free of my ass and draws me up into his arms, cradling me while his cum drips from my most intimate place.

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