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Jaden’s Chance by Ashlynn Ally

Jaden's ChanceFresh out of the foster care system and on her own for the first time, eighteen-year-old Jaden Macklemore plays by her own rules, but when she is caught stealing a wallet her life is suddenly turned upside down. Instead of calling the cops on her, the stern, handsome man who thwarted her attempted theft offers her a place to stay and a chance to start a new life, but there will be conditions. As long as she is under his roof, Jaden will be expected to follow his rules, and failure to do so will earn her a sound spanking on her bare bottom.

Since he is familiar with the foster system himself, Justin Owens understands what Jaden has gone through, but he also knows that if she is going to get back on the right track it will require strict rules which are enforced consistently. He quickly makes it clear to his beautiful, defiant new ward that from now on, smoking, swearing, and stealing will all result in painful, embarrassing punishments that will leave her a very sore, very sorry young lady.

Though at first Jaden is shocked and dismayed to be treated in such a childish and humiliating way, soon enough she finds herself appreciating Justin’s guidance and even, grudgingly, his firm-handed discipline. Yet while she feels safer in his care than she ever has before, she can’t help wondering if he might one day see her as more than just a little girl in need of his help or if he will eventually cast her aside the way so many others have before. Can Justin win her trust and claim her properly before her fears tear apart everything they have built together?

Publisher’s Note: Jaden’s Chance includes spankings, sexual scenes, and elements of age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ashlynn Ally

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 62,100 Words


I can’t tell if he’s softening or not, but it’s worth a shot that he might be to keep up my act. “Please don’t do this. It was stupid to skip school. I’m sorry, Justin! And I’m really going to try quitting this time. I just slipped up. But I’m going to do better, I swear. Just don’t… y’know…” I let my eyes sink down to the floor as my words drift off, once again embarrassed to even say it out loud.

“Spank you?” Justin finishes for me. He’s gotten up from the bed now to stalk me into a corner of the room. I risk a look up at his face. It’s still stern, but his eyes are benevolent, which I take to mean he might be on the verge of relenting.

“Yeah,” I say, feeling foolish. I flash my eyes away from him, searching out anything else in the room I can to avoid his smoldering gaze.

He does that thing again where he lifts my chin with his fingers, forcing me to look at him. My eyes burn with the indignity of it all as his own bury deep down into me. “Sorry, Jaden, but you messed up, and you’re getting a spanking. If I let you out of this one today, it will only teach you that I don’t keep my word and that you don’t have to take me seriously. Now get over here… let’s get this over with…”

Before I know it, he’s pulling me over to the bed. Then with a few quick motions, he has my pants down and me flipped over his knee across the mattress.

“Hey!’ I protest immediately, though when I go to push my top half up off the bed with my hands, he wastes no time in shoving me back down again. “I thought you said I could keep my pants on.” My voice comes out a bit muffled, but I don’t care.

“That was before you tried to con you way out of this,” he says, his hand still holding me in place with my wrist pinned to my back. “You must think I was born yesterday.”

“No, Justin, that’s not true.” I’m getting flustered now, my words coming too fast, in a frenzy. “I really am sorry.”

“Well, you’re about to be a whole lot sorrier. Now, I asked you before, and I’m going to ask you again. What did I say would happen if I found out you’d been smoking?”

As I contemplate answering this, something occurs to me, and I can’t keep myself from blurting out, “You don’t know I was smoking. You just found part of a pack in my bag.”

All at once, I hear a loud smack. It actually takes me a second to register that the sound is Justin’s hand slamming down against the tender skin of my left butt cheek, the bottom part where my panties aren’t covering. Then the pain sets in, and I let out a howl that would put coyotes to shame.

“You son of a bitch,” I scream out, arching my back in an attempt to escape, but of course Justin holds me in place. “That fucking hurt like hell, you fucking asshole.”

“There’s a lot more to come, so you better get used to it,” Justin says in a calm, even voice. “And if you swear at me one more time while you’re over my knee, we’ll move this little session right into the bathroom. You’ll get a sudsy bar of soap in your mouth, bent over the sink, and then spanked again with the bath brush, which is twice as thick and twice as heavy as the hairbrush. Do you understand me, young lady?”

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