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Jax’s Little Girl by Pepper North

Jax Wescott isn’t the kind of man who ignores a woman in need of assistance, and when he witnesses Ember Stevens having a panic attack in a park he gently helps her through it. But it quickly becomes clear that Ember is in need of quite a bit more than just a hug and a pep talk.

She needs a daddy. A daddy who will not just take care of her, but take charge of her as well.

A daddy like Jax.

Though she sobs as she is spanked very soundly on her bare bottom for being reckless with her safety and blushes crimson when she is put to bed in a nursery, being held in Jax’s arms and claimed properly is better than she could have ever dreamed. But will she behave herself when the time comes for daddy to take her to the doctor for a very thorough, embarrassing exam?

Publisher’s Note: Jax’s Little Girl is a stand-alone sequel to The Medic’s Little Girl and Tex’s Little Girl. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Pepper North

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 44,000 words


“Come here, baby. Let me take care of you,” Jax said. “It’s time to take your big girl clothes off. Only Little clothes are allowed in here.” He unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Next, he eased her panties over her reddened bottom. A gentle tug sent them to her ankles. Quickly, he removed her shirt and bra, helping Ember juggle Pockets from hand to hand.

Ember fought to keep her hands by her sides as Jax scanned her nude body. She forced her gaze up to his face. Something wonderful radiated from his expression. Could Jax love her? Suddenly, she stood a bit taller instead of curving in to hide. She invited his gaze.

“That’s my girl!” Jax scooped Ember into his arms and carried her to the changing table. Laying her carefully on her side on the padded top, Jax instructed, “Stay right there, baby. Talk to Pockets.”

Immediately, Ember pulled the stuffie to her face and began whispering. She tried to ignore Jax’s movements as he rattled with different things in a drawer below her. “Did you see my name, Pockets? Daddy painted the letters on the wall. He even spelled my name right!”

Jax stroked down her side. “I need you to be very brave, baby. I know this is new to you.” When she nodded, he continued, “Daddies need to make sure their Littles are healthy. Every day, I’ll check your temperature.”

Being helpful, Ember opened her mouth and lifted her tongue.

“That’s not where Little girls have their temperature checked, baby.”

Her position on the padded table and all the varied noises she’d heard combined with his words to help her figure out what would come next. Ember lifted Pockets and hid her face in his soft fur as Jax lifted one red buttock to reveal that tight opening between her cheeks. She felt his finger dab something cold on the ring of muscle, causing her to clench desperately.

“Relax, Ember. Daddy’s taking care of his precious baby girl,” Jax comforted her as he pressed his finger through that tight opening. Inside, he rotated his digit to apply the slippery mixture.

When his finger slid out, Ember slumped to the padding. Her relief didn’t last long. Too soon, Jax inserted the thick, cold thermometer into her bottom. Swirling it one direction and then the other, Jax coaxed the device deep in her bottom. “Good girl,” he praised her.

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