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Jekyll: A Dark Romance by Zoe Blake

I am the shiver up your spine, a shift in the shadows, a skipped heartbeat.
You are my reason for existing, the focus of my entire world.
My obsession.
No locked doors, no chains, no cage will stop me from stalking you through the night.
I will make you crave the darkness.
Soon, my love, nothing will stop the monster in me from claiming you for my own.

I know it is wrong.
Each time I take the formula, he grows stronger.
And so does his obsession for Catherine.
But I cannot stop him, because we both want the same thing… her.

Publisher’s Note: This novella includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Zoe Blake

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 22,800 words


His large hand pressed down on the table near my shoulder as he leaned his body over me. “Purr for me, my pet.”

My eyes filled with tears. I sniffed and shook my head slightly.

He palmed my right ass cheek and squeezed. I yelped with the pain.

He whispered harshly against my cheek, “I said purr for me.”

I let out a low whimper. It was the best I could do in my highly agitated state.

Edward chuckled as he straightened and gripped my hips. His foot brushed against mine as he kicked my legs open wider. I then felt the head of his cock probing between my legs.

Oh, God.

“Brace yourself, baby. This is going to hurt.”

I held my breath as he thrust in… deep.

My mouth opened on a silent cry as my body absorbed the pain of his intrusion. Despite my arousal, I wasn’t ready for the thick weight of his cock pounding into me.

His fingers dug into my hips as he thrust harder and harder.

Almost against my will, my body hummed with awareness.

Edward fisted his hand in my hair and pulled. My back bowed. His cock went in even deeper.

My palms were slick against the table surface as I tried to raise my torso and push my hips back.

Edward’s breath was uneven as he growled, “Next time, I’m going to lick that sweet pussycat of yours but for now I want you to come only from my cock.”

I tried to shake my head but his grip on my hair prevented me. I made an embarrassing gurgling sound as I tried to speak. Finally, I gasped out, “I can’t. I can’t come that way. I never have.”

Edward pulled his cock out until only the head remained inside of me. “With me you will, baby girl.”

He then thrust in deep.

This time he increased the rhythmic speed of his thrusts. The heavy table shifted against the linoleum from the power of his movements.

I lifted my hand off the table, intending to press my fingers against my clit.

“Don’t you dare,” he warned. He then spanked my ass as he continued thrusting.

The combination sent a shockwave between my legs. Unable to stop myself, I cried out, “Yes! Oh, God! Yes!”

Edward laughed as he spanked me again. The slap of his palm sharpened the dulling pain from his belt whipping. Every inch of the skin on my ass burned and prickled.

I ground myself against the edge of the table as he pounded into me. I could feel the pressure build between my legs only to rise and pool inside my stomach like molten metal.

Edward yanked on my hair harder as he unrelentingly pummeled into me from behind. He raised his arm and smacked my ass hard just as his hips connected with my punished ass.

He ground out, “That’s my sweet girl.”

The dubious endearment uttered in his dark and guttural voice combined with the thrusting of his cock was my final undoing. For the first time in my life, I came just from a man fucking me. Wave after wave of light euphoria crested over me. I had to cling to the table to keep my knees from buckling as my heart raced and my cheeks heated from my shameless orgasm.