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Judged: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Cari Silverwood

They took me. Now they’re going to make me theirs.

I left the safety of my city hoping to study the wreckage of a crashed satellite, but I ended up carried off by three Mauleon warriors instead, and these fearsome beasts aren’t interested in my knowledge of long lost technologies. They have far more primitive things in mind for me…

That’s why I’m naked, bound, and helplessly on display as they inspect my quivering body, enjoying every whimper and moan as they torment me in the most shameful ways imaginable. But these brutes plan to do much more than just tease and arouse me until I break down and beg.

They’re going to claim me so ruthlessly and savagely that I’m left in no doubt I belong to them.


Publisher’s Note: Judged is set in the same world as Ruled and Condemned, but it is a stand-alone novel. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Cari Silverwood

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 81,000 words


I inhaled through my nose, smelled her female scent. It was strong due to her sopping wet cunt. Today I’d only touched her enough to keep her spinning off into space.

That puckered little almost virgin asshole though. If we trained her to take cock there, all three of us could have her at the same time.

“Shall we try her ass out, with a toy?” I mused to myself.

Why was I asking?

Shade searched in the bag of goodies and raised a small black butt plug. He jiggled it in his palm. “Ready.”

I put out my hand. “Mine. You two can have the rest of her. Take her mouth.” I admired her lush curves and soft, alluring lines, eying that tight little hole that seemed to almost ask for me to force something much too large inside it.

Shade dragged her head higher. I crouched and picked at the ropes, unbound her hands while he found her mouth. “Be good for us, Juliette. Open your mouth.”

Was I trying to make myself fail? Using her name?

Her freed hands flailed about and found the floor. Still blindfolded but obedient, she planted her palms, her lips forming into a wide O, making desperate sounds as Shade pushed in his rather large cock.

None of us could fuck a human’s mouth deep. Yet this scene made my dick throb at the prospect. I watched her splutter at even his comparatively shallow thrusts. Shade was able to stuff in the broad head and the first part of the shaft inside the clutch of her lips, but no more than that.

I wiped a hand across my face, imagining what Shade was feeling, then I knelt and parted her ass cheeks. Fortunately, lube was never needed on females that bonded with a mauleon.

I ran the plug around her cunt, dodging the pink dildo, gathering the thick juices she so nicely provided, then wormed the butt plug’s tip into her hole.

She squeaked, despite her mouthful of Shade. I grinned.

“Go slower there, Shade!” Zane knelt at the other side of her, and began to kiss and bite her, making the poor girl squeal and whimper even more. I pushed the plug a little deeper, watching her get even more aroused. Finally, I gave in. I undid my fly, let my erection out, and stroked myself.

The nodules on my dick bumped across my skin as I glided my palm along my shaft, pumping slowly. The girl was writhing crazily, but she stayed on hands and knees.

I smacked her ass. “No coming, yet. I will cane you if you do.”

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