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Keeping Their Baby by Korey Mae Johnson

She should hate it. She shouldn’t put up with it. But being their baby just feels right…

Before Sophie met Liz, Charlie, and Josh, she was camping out in the attic of an office building.

Now she has a beautiful, strict lawyer mommy, a stern, handsome football star daddy, and a fun-loving, sexy-as-hell doctor uncle. But they spank her bare bottom when she’s been naughty…

And that’s if she’s only been a little disobedient… When she’s been a truly bad girl, she’s sent to bed with her cheeks blushing crimson and her cute backside well-used and sore inside and out.

She should run for the hills, if only every stern scolding and every stinging spanking didn’t leave her so helplessly, shamefully aroused she ends up begging to be claimed by any and all of them.

But with everyone seeming insistent on a future for Sophie that she doesn’t want for herself, can she find a way to show them that she can be both the baby they love and a woman they respect?

Publisher’s Note: Keeping Their Baby is the second entry in the Their Baby series. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Korey Mae Johnson

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 100,000 words


It was hard not to come right away. Being fucked by Daddy was never an act of lovemaking, like it often was with Josh. Daddy fucked like a dominant beast mating with a female who was in heat. To her, sometimes it felt like she was being mounted by a hurricane.

She closed her eyes, savoring it. After the week she’d had, nothing felt better than this. She could lose herself here, let herself just be dominated and brought to the height of pleasure. She squeaked and moaned louder as he thrust, feeling herself going to the edge…

Then she felt him pull away from her as he grabbed the lube on the bed. Her body clenched down from tension. She felt him squeeze the lube over her anus and then he pushed it inside with his thumb. “Daddy, please don’t!” she whined.

He didn’t answer her, just dropped the lube and, petting his hand down her breasts and tummy, continued to fuck her pussy like he had been before. She felt calmer, hoping that he had decided as well that it was better not to stop this. Surely he had to be enjoying where he was, too?

She felt her orgasm roll towards her and began to fuck him back, hard, ready to ride the wave to pleasure.

Suddenly, he popped out of her, leaving her whining and void of his cock. Her pussy felt cold, twitching and aching immediately. She felt the ooze of warm lube against her puckered, closed entrance. The feeling of emptiness changed in the next second, when he grabbed her hips hard with his large hands and he began to press himself into her bottom.

He began pulling her back against him even as he pushed himself forward, holding her firm while she regained her wits enough to want to crawl away from him, her knees gaining no grip on the sheets as his arms held her body under him. “Ffffuuck!” she grimaced and groaned, clenching down and trying to keep him from entering her there. “Stop! Daddy! Stop!”

“Shh. Take it all. Let Daddy inside,” he gritted. It didn’t sound like he was in for an easy time, either, but he continued just the same. “Push back on me.”

“I don’t want it! I don’t! I don’t want it!” she cried shrilly, her heart beating out of her chest.

“Don’t panic, baby. I’m inside of you. I’m almost all the way inside. You’re doing so good,” he shushed her, despite the fact that she didn’t feel like she was doing good at all.

“Take it out, Daddy, please!” The stretching and burning pain didn’t stop. She felt like she was actually going to split in two.

“There we go, sweetie. There we go.” His tone was calming over her head and he kissed her forehead from where he was craned over her. “Good girl,” he cooed to her. ”I’m all the way inside. Shhh.”

She was whimpering under him and she felt his hand come down, petting over her stomach and then finding her clit. “Good girl,” he told her, circling her clit softly with his fingers.

And then something completely unexpected happened so suddenly she was unprepared for it.

She came. She came so hard and so long that she couldn’t even hear Daddy talking in her ear. “Fuck!” she screamed, grabbing the sheets. Daddy was at her clit with one hand and had pulled her up against him, her body now on his lap with her legs splayed rather than on her bed with his weight on her. His strong arm held her like she was a fighting wildcat. Her body was clenching desperately on his cock and couldn’t seem to stop like it normally did. If normal orgasms were waves… then this was a tsunami.


  1. Are there any more books in the “Their Baby” series? I’m only finding 2. Are others planned? I want to be Sofie ssoooo bad! I would love to find a Daddy and a couple of uncles! I’m not really into a Mommy but the rest FOR SURE! I want it so bad IRL!

    What is the next best series similar to the “Their Baby” series? Any series that are similar to “Their Baby” and includes medical play? That would be my ULTIMATE dream!!!

  2. I would love to find more books like the Their Baby series!! Please write more!

    Also, if you are a DD reading this a looking for a very trainable lg…let me know! 🙂 Especially if you are in OK.

  3. I could not believe it when I randomly came across this sequel! It seems like forever has passed since the first book was released. I love love LOVE this series and their dynamic! I could read about the adventures of Sophie and the gang all of the time. Please continue the series!

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