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Kept by the Mountain Beast by Celeste Jones

Men in the city buy wives. A mountain beast like him claims a mate.

My family fled the city to keep me from being married off to whatever rich man bid the highest. I ended up alone on the mountain, helpless, desperate, and at the mercy of a mountain beast.

He has no need of a wife. I will be his mate.

He will protect me, but I will obey or be punished, and when my virgin body is claimed by this fearsome brute it will be with my cheeks still blushing and my well-spanked bottom still burning.

The first time he took me, I screamed as I climaxed. Next time he won’t be nearly so gentle…


Publisher’s Note: Kept by the Mountain Beast includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Celeste Jones

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 36,200 words


“You gave yourself to me, body and soul. Not two hours ago you made that promise. And what have you done since then? The exact opposite. You’ve run off. Tried to get out of your cage and hurt yourself in the process and now, touching what belongs to me. What you gave to me.”

The smacks and my cries echoed around the cabin. The heady lethargy of my orgasm vanished as he swatted my ass, reigniting the flames from the spankings I had already received that day.

“I-I’m sorry,” I said against the mattress. My face was pressed to the quilt on top of the bed and when I inhaled I was filled with his scent and the yearning in my core flared to life again.

“Sorry? Is that the best you’ve got? You say words, but they mean nothing to you.” He stopped swatting.

I was still bent over the bed, my face turned away to the side, held there by his hand on my shoulder, his hot fingers gripping me. His foot pushed mine wider apart. I moaned with embarrassment, knowing my pussy was on full display for him. Long powerful fingers covered my soaking pussy as he cupped me from behind.

“Look how wet you are, Lexi.” He held his fingers in front of my face, coated with my moisture. I tried to turn away but he forced me to look at his hand. “Do you see this? My fingers are the only ones to ever touch your pussy, to have your essence on them. Do you understand that?”

I stared at his wet fingers and to my utter humiliation, I felt more of my juices trickle down the inside of my thigh. He sniffed the air again. Oh, god. He knew.

Not only that, but he knew my name.

“H-how do you know my name?”

“I heard those men call you Lexi. I listen. I pay attention when people speak. You could learn something from me about that.”

His hand scraped along my thigh, gathering up the fresh wave of my arousal.

“Answer me, Lexi. Tell me you understand.”

“I-I un-understand.”

“What do you understand?”

What the hell was wrong with me? Why did my pussy continue to spasm and drip with moisture?

“Only y-you can touch my p-pussy.”

To prove his point, he drove one hard finger into my core. I gasped and rose up on my toes. The muscles of my pussy spasmed around his digit and I longed to push back with my hips to give him even more access. Oh, god, his touch down there was so much better than mine, and I really, really liked touching myself. My toes curled against the hard wood of the floor.

“And what is the promise you made to me?” He leaned low and growled the question in my ear.

My fingers clutched at the blanket covering the bed as waves of longing moved through me. “I pr-promised to g-give you all of me, b-body and soul.” As I spoke, he pistoned his finger in and out of my core. I moaned and hid my heated face against the bed.

“Including this pussy?”

“Y-yes,” I wailed into the mattress. My thighs quivered and I gasped for air.

He dug deep into my embarrassingly wet core and brought out more of my essence. He stopped holding me down on the bed and used that hand to spread the cheeks of my ass apart. I shuddered with shame. “Nooo,” I mumbled into the thick quilt on the bed. “Please don’t l-look at me th-there.”

“Apparently you have trouble understanding that you belong to me,” he tapped one wet finger on the pucker of my ass, “your entire body,” his finger swirled around my bottom hole, spreading the natural lubricant across the entire surface of my opening, “every single part belongs to me. And I make no excuses for wanting you and using you as I see fit. I gave my word and I have kept my word.” His finger pushed into me back there and I froze in shame.

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