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King of Depravity: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

Before he made me scream his name, I already belonged to him.

When Brogan Callahan swept me off my feet, I didn’t know he was heir to a powerful Irish mafia family. I didn’t find that out until after he’d taken me in his arms… and over his knee.

By the time I learned the truth, I was already his.

I went on the run to escape my father’s plans to marry me off, but it turns out the ruthless mob boss he had in mind is the same sinfully sexy bastard who just stripped me bare and claimed me savagely.

He demands my absolute obedience, and yet with each brutal kiss and stinging lash of his belt I feel myself falling ever deeper into the dark abyss of shameful need he’s created within me.

At first I wondered if there were bounds to his depravity. Now I hope there aren’t…

Publisher’s Note: King of Depravity is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth entry in the Kings of Corruption series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 84,200 words


I wiggled against him, clawing the bed as he rolled his fingers down my spine to the crack of my buttocks. There was nothing I could say to stop him, but my mind was frozen, trying not to be fearful of what he was about to do. Only once had I experienced the sinful act, hating every moment of it. He was much larger, his cock so thick that I wasn’t certain I could survive the savage fucking.

But as he placed the tip against my dark hole, I sucked in my breath, trembling all over.

“Relax, babe. I’m a brutal asshole, but my intention isn’t to hurt you, just to make you feel damn good. And to remind you that every part of you now belongs to me.”

Even the sound of his voice was entirely different, so possessive it took my breath away. He trailed rough, hungry kisses down my back as he pushed his cockhead just inside. I was swooning even more than I had before, still breathless as stars floated in front of my eyes.

The moment he hit the tight ring of muscle, I tensed, fisting the sheet.

I expected him to thrust the remainder inside, taking what he wanted as he’d done before. The fact he was tender, pushing an inch inside at a time shocked me, allowing my muscles to expand slowly.

Accepting the thick invasion.

Hungering for more.

There was pain, but it was short lived, replaced with the sweet release of raw, uninhibited pleasure.

I dropped my head, no longer able to see clearly, feeling more like his possession than I had before. My arms were tired, aching as much as my bottom from the spanking. But I was still full of excitement, a need that I couldn’t understand and would never be able to explain. He shifted his hips, grinding against me, forcing his cock in even deeper. He grabbed a handful of my hair, jerking my head back, using the long strands as a leash as he pulled out, driving into me again.

With his other hand on my hip, he dug his fingers into my skin. I wasn’t going anywhere.

There was something incredible about the way he was driving into me, taking his time to plunge every inch inside, the friction of his skin against mine breathtaking.

“So tight,” he growled. “So perfect.”

If he only knew how imperfect I really was, or the nightmare my life had turned into. I closed my eyes, allowing the pleasure to take me away, pretending that this was going to last forever. He was hard as a rock, thrusting hard and fast. I had no idea how long he continued to fuck me, his stamina unlike any other man’s.

I was exhausted, my entire mind fuzzy, panting as he continued pushing me. Only when his breathing changed, becoming more rapid did I realize he was finally ready to release. A smile crossed my face as his scattered breathing became intense growls and the moment I felt his tension increase, I squeezed my muscles.

He rubbed his hips back and forth, grinding against me as he filled me with his seed. As he pushed me down to the bed, covering my body with his, he remained pulsing inside, still hard and throbbing. I could swear after a few seconds, he was already swelling again.