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King’s Mate: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone

A king takes what is his, and she is mine.

Her scent drew me to her, but something deeper and more powerful told me she was mine. Something that would not be denied. Something that demanded I claim her then and there.

I took her the way a beast takes his mate. Roughly. Savagely. Without mercy or remorse.

She will run, and when she does she will be punished, but it is not me that she fears. Every quivering, desperate climax reminds her that her body knows its master, and that terrifies her.

She knows I am not a gentle king, and she will scream for me as she learns her place.


Publisher’s Note: King’s Mate includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author:  Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 77,900 words


When he thrust at least two fingers into my dark hole, I could no longer breathe, the strangled sound I emitted no longer human. I was suddenly a ravenous beast, my hunger knowing no bounds even as the agony of what he was doing stripped away my humanity.

“Oh, God. Oh. Oh…”

“So tight, little one,” he whispered. “Every hole belongs to me. I will enjoy taking you in the ass, the punishment exactly what you need.”

Everything about this beast was dominating, as if he’d never take no for an answer. I continued to believe this was all some sick fantasy, even falling into the rhythm as he finger fucked my asshole, driving in jabbing motions. My God, I was bucking my hips, accepting his savage deed. What the hell was wrong with me?

Fight. Get away.

But I couldn’t.

No, I wouldn’t.

I was locked in the moment as if placed in a bubble, the entire experience completely carnal. He removed his fingers from my asshole, replacing the thick invasion with an even bigger one.

His cock.

The eruption of panicked whimpers escaping my mouth was nothing in comparison to the flash of pain shooting into every cell and muscle when he slid his cock into my dark hole. I opened my mouth in a silent scream, dumbstruck by the voraciousness of his actions, the way he pushed past my tight ring of muscle. The monster was forcing me to accept.

“Yes!” he growled as he gripped my hip with one hand, thrusting in and out in an even but unforgiving manner.

I could no longer feel my legs, had no control of anything as my body responded, accepting the brutality. I couldn’t want this. I couldn’t. I shouldn’t.

But as my breasts seemed to increase in size, my nipples screaming in need of being licked and sucked, bitten and twisted, an actual smile crossed my face.

As if I’d always hungered for something so brutal.

As if I’d only accept being taken like an animal.

His guttural moans matched my own as he took me, driving long and hard as my muscles clamped around the thick invasion. The wildness of his actions intensified, and I could tell he was close to coming, spilling his seed deep inside.

Unable to control my body, my muscles clenched and released several times as his body began to shake. Seconds later, I felt him erupt deep inside, filling me.

Claiming me.

Marking me.

As if I’d become his mate.

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