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Kodiak: A Rough Shifter Romance by Delta James

He’s the biggest, baddest bear around… and he’s claimed me as his mate.

I didn’t need to go to Kodiak Island to find a beast like him in the wild. He found me.

He stripped me, spanked me, and then took me roughly and savagely.

I ran from him, the thought of another night of brutal, desperate climaxes and quivering, screaming surrender far too shameful to contemplate. But fate brought me back to him.

There will be no escape this time.

He’s going to punish me. Then he’s going to claim me as his mate.


Publisher’s Note: Kodiak includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Delta James

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 58,100 words


Glancing over her shoulder she could see both her own lubrication as well as his pre-cum dripping from the end of his cock. A part of her wanted to fight his violation of her in this way, but she knew neither of them saw it that way. For him, it was an exertion of his dominance; and for her, acceptance and capitulation to his authority. Her need to feel him possess her in this last, intimate act of claiming was too great.

“Ask me to take your ass. Admit you know you are mine.”

She said nothing but nodded her head. He swatted her again.

“Not good enough, Flynn; say it!” he growled.


She questioned what she was asking for—was it to have him breach her bottom hole, not have to ask him to do it or to stop and let her gather the remnants of her pride before letting her be?

He landed another swat to her tender globes. She tried to evade him, but he held her in place. “Please what, Flynn? You want me to fuck your ass? You want me to stroke your dark channel the way I do your pussy and fill it with my cum? Tell me what you want.”

“Yes, damn it!”

“Ask me,” he commanded.

“Fuck my ass, Alex, please?” Flynn wailed and then allowed her body to slump in abject surrender.

“Good girl,” he crooned.

He leaned over her back as he pressed his cock against the tight ring of muscle that guarded her back passage. He used both of his hands to clutch her hips in a vice-like grip.

“You want your pretty bottom hole fucked?” he asked seductively.

Flynn had lost the ability to speak—her need was too great, her pride and defiance in shambles. All she could do was nod again and pray that it would be enough.

Alex didn’t mount her aggressively as he’d done most often. Instead he allowed his cock to enter her slowly but inexorably. He did not seem hurried but continued to push forward inch-by-inch until he had penetrated her fully and the swell of her sore buttocks was hard up against his hips. She felt the stretch from his cock far more in this dark orifice than she had in her pussy. He growled in satisfaction.

Before she could respond, Alex moved inside her. This was not his usual powerful or frenzied stroking, but a more leisurely savoring of her response as her bottom hole learned to accommodate him and accept pleasure from him in this way as well. The slight sting of his having breached her dark passage with his cock for the first time slowly gave way to a new kind of carnality—one she had never known or thought she needed.

Flynn’s nipples beaded and ached, and her pussy thrummed in rhythm to his thrusting in her ass. Alex picked up his pace and began driving into her. Her sighs morphed into a kind of deeply felt keening. She grasped the bedcovers and held on for dear life.

“Alex,” she cried as every muscle in her body contracted, including those that enveloped his plunging rod.

“Come for me, Flynn. I’m going to fill your bottom hole just like I do your pussy. You need to get used to the idea that I will use whichever of your holes I want for my pleasure.”

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