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Korey’s Ode to eBooks

I used to think I’d never do eBooks, but then I bought my first Kindle… Two months later I threw all my old print books away. As you might have surmised, I enjoy my eReader with inexpressible joy. Let me count the ways.


I LOVE that I can hold it with one hand—my left one—without totally demolishing a paperback (and not being able to do that at all with hardcover). I also like the ‘search‘ feature so I can find stuff I want to go back to more easily.

I LOVE how I can get onto a plane and, if I’m not in the mood for one book, I can just read another without weighing down my carry one with huge books. The last Twilight book alone weighed ten pounds and was the size of 15 shirts or three bottles of shampoo—that’s what sort of space it consumes.

I LOVE how my kindle syncs to my cellphone so that I can read my books anywhere I am. Waiting for the bus? No problem, I have my eBook. I go out to lunch with a friend who disappears into the bathroom for twenty minutes? No worries; I waste no time in getting out my eBook and continuing on, rather than looking like someone who got stood-up. I read in line at the post-office, taking away my pre-Christmas impatience.

I LOVE how I can sync up my audio books and my eBooks so I can go from where I left off listening and continue reading.

I LOVE that because I can read anywhere, I read 10x more now!

I LOVE that I don’t have any books to dust to or move around the country with me!

I LOVE that nobody knows the naughty things I’m reading. I don’t like being judged. Who does?

I LOVE that all the classics are free.

I LOVE that I can turn any document into a kindle (or eBook) friendly document.

I LOVE the “search” function.

I LOVE being able to read the first chapter of any book on the planet. Right now.

I LOVE being able to take notes as I read the book without having to carry around pen, paper, and an organizational system.

I LOVE that I can enjoy stories of all different lengths!

I LOVE that people can’t draw conclusions about the stuff I read by looking at a bookshelf. They don’t know what I’m reading. They don’t know what I believe. They’re going to have to ask and be prepared for my answer. They cannot ‘Sherlock Holmes’ me.

I LOVE my house not being cluttered with volumes and volumes of books I don’t even suspect to read again.

I LOVE that you can get products like THIS for your iPad, iPhone, or Galaxy SIII (if you use it as your reader) and read your book in the tub or floating in a pool with no wrinkly, water-logged pages.

Most people like waking up on a Saturday morning, getting their cup of coffee, and enjoy the turning of the page. Believe me—you get over that pretty fast. Most eReaders simulate that for you, if you’re the type, but I got just as used to just thumb-clicking it without moving my hand. Try it. Try it for just two weeks.

You won’t be able to go back. You too will be turned. You don’t think you would, but you will. Believe me. Come to the dark side…

And Viva la e-Books!

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