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Lanie’s Lessons Climbs High On Amazon Lists!


Maddie Taylor‘s latest release, Lanie’s Lessons, has been spending quality time on a couple of Amazon’s top lists! So far it’s reached both the BDSM Erotica Top 100 and the Romantic Erotica Top 100. Check out the reviews below and then try it out for yourself!

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★★★★★ Rapidreader @ “Fan-freakin’-tastic” November 1, 2014
Lanie’s Lessons is a fun, fast paced read that I swear you won’t be able to put down until you reach the end. Lanie and Ethan have enough spunk and sparks to fuel any erotica reader.
Lanie might be an ice queen in the courtroom, but with Ethan she melts the air around them. I really like the role play aspect in this story and boy, oh boy. Maddie really, REALLY, vamps up the creativity with the hot, steamy sex scenes in this book. In fact just reading it was enough to dishevel my hair.

As is common with Miss Taylor we are treated to an excellent and compelling plot, witty banter and above all a hotter than hot alpha male hero. I can’t give it away but there is a scene between Ethan and Lanie that made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself.

Seriously… if your contemplating this purchase, stop right now and just get it. I label Lanie’s Lessons a Kindle Keeper.

★★★★★  Meredith O’Reilly  @ “Excellent Read!” October 31, 2014
Ms. Taylor has done it once again. Lanie’s Lessons is a HOT book that had me wishing that the main character, Ethan was my husband. Taylor incorporated medical play, age play, and a D/D relationship all in to one between the main couple, Lanie and Ethan. There were many scenes that made me laugh and several that made me pause to fan myself. I loved this book and because of that I am giving it five stars. Well done, Ms. Taylor. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

★★★★★  Jule Kijekon  @ “Keeps getting better and better.” October 29, 2014
I just love this book. Maddie writes some of a THE best spanking fiction. This book rates up their among her best. Full of Hot spankings and even HOTTER sex this is MT at her best. Loved it from start to finish. Maddie is an auto download for me. I have NEVER been disappointed in one of her book. So do yourself a favor and buy this book. Curl up on your couch and be swept away. Thanks for a wonderful read Maddie!

★★★★★  SHon  @ “HOT HOT HOT” November 1, 2014
I have to say I was very impressed with this book! I loved the characters and their story is just plain HOT! I was dragged in on page one and just kept turning the pages. Make sure you have time to read this book straight through because guaranteed you will not want to put it down until you finish it 🙂 Nicely done!

★★★★★  Zon Customer “MG”  @ “Highly recommended, a fun, sexy read.” October 29, 2014
Maddie Taylor’s books are an automatic buy for me. This one was as HOT as you would expect from Ms. Taylor. As usual there is humor, drama, a little Alpha male testerone induced action, interesting secondary characters and just enough plot to keep me intrigued between sexy scenes. I loved the hero! Ethan is determined to get Lanie to relax from her high stress job. It’s so kind of him to think of using roleplay to help her escape and set her inner submissive free. Loved all the great roleplay. I gobbled this up tonight, Now what do I do until the next one???

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