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Lawman’s Rules by Mary Wehr

Nineteen-year-old orphan Louise Talbot is used to doing as she pleases on her aunt’s ranch… until Sam Callahan rides into town. When he catches her galloping her horse dangerously, the stern, handsome Texas Ranger doesn’t hesitate to bare Louise’s bottom and spank her soundly, and after being hired as ranch foreman he sets about taking her in hand even more thoroughly.

Though his strict correction leaves her blushing and indignant and she does her best to irritate him, Louise cannot help melting into Sam’s arms as he demonstrates that he can quiet her sass with a hard kiss as easily as he can with a firm swat to her backside. But when an old enemy comes looking for him, will Sam be able to protect the feisty girl with whom he’s fallen in love?



Publisher’s Note: Lawman’s Rules includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Mary Wehr

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 48,000 words


He chuckled. “That tongue of yours could be put to better use than sassing all the time. One of these days you’ll meet a man with a firm hand who won’t hesitate to give you a bare bottom spanking when you give him a bunch of backtalk.”

The very thought of lying over his knee again with her bottom bared for him to see all her feminine secrets made that womanly part of her moisten with anticipation. The urge to push him to the limit gnawed at her, but when she glanced at him and saw the wide grin of male satisfaction on his face, she reacted as usual.

“So, I need a man with a firm hand, huh? Gee, too bad there’s isn’t one around for miles who could handle me.”

Out of nowhere, Sam rammed his shoulder in her mid-section. He flung her over his other shoulder like a rag doll.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She pounded his back and kicked out her feet. “Put me down at once, you big buffoon.”

He marched over to a bale of hay and sat down. Without a word, he grabbed a handful of her shirt and plopped her in his lap. He leaned close. Their breaths mingled. “If you were my woman you’d get spanked daily, whether you needed it or not.”

Lou swallowed hard. How she longed to rub her cheek against his square jaw covered by a scant layer of scruff. How her fingers itched to trace his full bottom lip. Stop it, Lou. Stick to your guns. No man will ever tame you.

Lou drew back her hand and hit him square in the jaw. “I’m not your sweetheart, you sorry son-of-a-bitch.”

Before she knew what happened, he had flipped her upside down over his lap. He yanked her pants down to the backs of her knees. Goosebumps skittered across her naked bottom. He’d bared her right here inside the barn where anyone could just walk in.

Horrified, she reached back to cover her nakedness with her hands, but he pinned both wrists to her lower back.

Outraged, Lou shrieked, “How dare you? What if someone comes in and sees me half naked?”

His palm fell none-too-gently on one buttock. “Stop wailing at the top of your lungs and there’s a good chance no one will see you.”

The next slap landed on the other round globe. Lou sucked in her breath and then exhaled. “Are you finished?”

“Nope,” he replied and continued to swat each cheek.

Lou wiggled this way and that to avoid the burn of his hand. When she tried to push herself off his lap, he swung one leg over both of hers, keeping her in place.

Finally, he stopped. “I must say your bottom is a pretty shade of pink.”

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