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Lessons from the Millionaire by Jinx Neale

Lessons from the MillionaireWhen twenty-four-year-old reporter Lila Leblanc is assigned an article about the spanking sub-culture in downtown Toronto, it is handsome millionaire Adrian Kane who provides her first introduction to a new world which is both terrifying and exciting. Soon enough, Lila finds herself over Adrian’s knee with her cheeks blushing and her bottom bare for the first spanking of her life, and the experience leaves her yearning to be mastered even more thoroughly.

There is something special about Lila, and before Adrian knows it she has claimed a place not only in his bed but in his heart as well. Yet even as he delights in teaching her obedience and showing her the intense pleasure of a dominant man’s skilled lovemaking, old wounds resurface and remind him why he swore he’d never fall for a woman again. Can he put aside his painful past and prove to Lila that he is worthy of both her love and her submission before he loses her forever?

Publisher’s Note: Lessons from the Millionaire is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Jinx Neale

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 35,100 Words


Adrian placed her cup on the coffee table, grasped her arm, and pulled her over his lap. His movements were smooth and sure. Somehow she ended up stretched over his hard thighs. Her hair fell over her face. She moved her hands about awkwardly, until he told her to place them on the floor. He touched her ass lightly, stroking her through the material. He placed his other hand on her lower back, with a gentle pressure that held her in place. It made her feel… safe.

One hand slipped down her body to the edge of that ridiculously short skirt. He pushed it up, fingers warm against her skin. He folded the fabric around her waist. Her panties were cream satin to match her bra. Lila held her breath, knowing they left little to the imagination. He ran one long finger along the elastic edge and pushed the panties over her buttocks. He slipped them down her legs, leaving them to dangle around her ankles. She was bare to his gaze, to his touch.

“Lovely Lila,” he whispered, his breath skimming over her back like a summer breeze.

She shivered at the sensation, but she didn’t tell him to stop. He ran his palm down one globe and up the other. His touch was soft at first, becoming firmer with each pass. Her skin began to heat up from the friction. God, he felt so good. He stopped. She lay over his lap, perched like a naughty girl about to be chastised. Her breath came in short puffs. Her pussy tightened. What would he do next?

The slap of his hand against her ass felt like fire. Adrian smacked both cheeks and then alternated slaps on either one. She kicked out her legs, to make it stop, to get away. He pressed down on her lower back and held her in place.

“None of that, Lila. Be a good girl.”

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