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Little Haven Goes Big on Amazon!


Little Haven, our recently released age play collection featuring brand-new books by Meredith O’Reilly, Adaline Raine, Alex Reynolds, Summer Graystone, and Normandie Alleman, has claimed a spot on Amazon’s Top 100 list for BDSM Erotica! Congrats, ladies!

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★★★★★  Zon @ “AP fun for everyone!” on May 21, 2015
After reading a few of the snippets on some of the blog hops for the different stories in this box set, I decided to give it a chance. Boy am I happy that I did. Age play generally isn’t my cup of tea, but each of these authors wrote their stories so well.

I loved how each couple had their own struggles to overcome in their stories and through patience and a few, firm bare bottom spankings, and lots of cuddling, each couple managed to get through their struggles.

The first story was about Angela and Charlie. When Charlie finds out that Angela made fun of another little girl, he decides that she needs to be thoroughly punished so nothing like that ever happens again. I really liked that Charlie took control and punished Angela for hurting the other girls feelings instead of letting her get away with it.

The second story was about Claire and Jensen. Claire is a work alcoholic and when Jensen sees that she’s trying to work herself in to a heart attack, he takes matters in to his own hands and tells Claire that she will be acting as his little for a week in a half to relax or else. I loved how despite Claire struggling with being little for such a long period of time, she was able to still enjoy it and recognize that her husband just loved her and wanted to take care of her.

The third story was about Brody and Kara. Brody recognizes that Kara needs a firm, loving Daddy in her life and he’s ready to deliver. I loved Brody. All he wanted was to show Kara that he would be there for her and love her no matter what. He did through his actions until Kara finally realized that no matter what she did or said, Brody would stay and always be her Daddy.

The fourth story was all about Ian and Bailey. Bailey likes to test the boundaries of her relationship with Ian and each time, Ian shows that no matter how hard Bailey pushes, he will always be there for her. I have to say, my favorite part about this story were the sex and spanking scenes. Holy smokes! I had to pause to fan myself with my Kindle several times before I finished this story. It was (literally) panty sizzling.

The fifth and final story was about Tabitha and Neal moved to the community because Neal saw that Tabitha was starting to be consumed by her work. I enjoyed this story very much. The two characters had great chemistry and you could tell that they really loved each other.

I also really enjoyed the concept of a community for couples who participate in the same lifestyle got to live in. No couple had to worry about what other people might think. Everyone was accepted and loved there.

★★★★★   SH @ “Five great books for one low price!” on May 20, 2015
What a wonderful deal! Five great AP stories written by five talented authors that center around an AP community. Each story is unique with some ties to characters from the other books in the set but they each stand alone. Fantastic price and quality books, what more could you ask for?

★★★★★   Laurel @ “Excellent Book Set” on May 19, 2015
There are five different stories in this five book set. Daddy’s little girls is the first, by Alex Reynolds, Angela and her daddy moved to little Haven a community of littles and their daddies or mummy’s. Angela make fun of another girl and so she was punished by her daddy. Through the punishment Angela became more compassionate about the feelings of other.

The second book was is Daddy’s Little Sweetheart by Meredith O’Reilly. Claire works in a high streets job during the week and played as a little girl on weekends. Lately Claire is more stressed so her daddy decides she needs several weeks as a little to reduce her stress. Claire has mixed feelings about this. She’s afraid that it will be permanent but she is reassure by her daddy.
Next is Brody’s little brat by Adaline Raine. Kara is a brat and Brody decides to take her in hand even taking her to a doctor when she becomes Ill.
Bailey ‘s Littlt Adventure by Summer Greystone. Bailey completely loves and trusts her daddy and when she crosses the line and disappointed his, she wonders if he will still be there for her.
Daddy Knows Best by Normandie Alleman. Neal insists that Tabitha moves with him to Little Haven where she has to give up her career. She is reluctant at first and has a secret about her job which she doesn’t share with him. How will he react when he finds out. Read this to find out. Excellent five book set.

★★★★★   Kande’s Kinky Books @ “Amazing AP Stories that will blow your mind!” on May 19, 2015

Oh my gosh! Body’s Little Brat was an incredible book that will tug on your heartstrings. The author did an amazing job of making Kara and Brody just like real people so us readers can connect with them. Kara is such a fun unique person with a heart of gold and Brody… where do I begin? Brody is such an amazing daddy to her and an even better boyfriend. I’ll admit I cried throughout this book…a lot actually and then sobbed at the ending. I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was beautiful. This entire story was beautiful and heartwarming. There were lots of yummy spankings and lots of sexy times. This was a fabulous book by an incredible author that I highly recommend. You won’t regret it.

Daddy’s Little Angela, by Alex Reynolds
Wow. I just adored this story! This really was the perfect age play book because it showed a lot of different types of age play… plus it had a ton and I mean a ton of delicious spankings and ‘adult time’ this was a super sexy book that had me hooked from the first chapter. Highly recommended!

Daddy’s Little Sweetheart, by Meredith O’Reilly
This was such a beautiful heartwarming story! I loved Claire and all her insecurities. The author really made Claire just like a normal girl with a normal job so we could all identify with her. The chemistry between Claire and Jenson was sizzling as the pages turned. Spankings and sexy showers and lots of fun big girl time. This book has a little bit of everything and I LOVED it and I loved how they worked through her issues and her daddy was there every step of the way. Overall this was a fantastic story!

Bailey’s Little Adventure, by Summer Graystone
I’m still shocked by this book! It’s sexy, so sexy. Punishments written by Summer have never been hotter. This book had me at the end of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. I was hooked! … and I’ll never be able to look at cheesecake the same way ever again. Ian is such a wonderful Daddy Dom that really knows what’s best for her little girl even though she may not always agree. There is so much love shown between Ian and Bailey and a sexy yet beautiful HEA!

Daddy Knows Best, by Normandie Alleman
I don’t know where to begin with this story. The author did a fantastic job of making Tabitha and Neal just like everyday people with everyday problems. Their chemistry is real and I was instantly connected with Tabitha and her complaining about the weather. A couple scenes had me holding my breath wondering what was going to happen… but I won’t spoil it for you. Also, you might need some extra batteries because this story sure heats up! Hot hot hot! It was a beautiful story about real love, no matter what age you are or what age you play as. True love even through punishment spankings and bad days for little girls. Overall this was a beautiful story with a wonderful HEA.

★★★★★   K9girlie @ “Five books from Five amazing authors, who wouldn’t enjoy” on May 22, 2015
Five books from Five amazing authors, who wouldn’t enjoy! I love a good age play book and this set had it all. Littles and Middles along with medical play and spanking galore!

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