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Little Samantha’s Choice Bounces Into Two Top 100 Lists!

Little Samantha's Choice by Meredith O'Reilly Accomplishment

New author Meredith O’Reilly‘s first novel, Little Samantha’s Choice, has made Amazon Top 100 lists in both BDSM and Romantic Erotica! Congratulations, Meredith!

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★★★★★ Tasty Cake @ “LOVED IT!” July 27, 2014

LOVED IT!!!!!!! This was one of the best AgePlay stories I’ve ever read. This had romance hot sex two wonderful characters who loved each other and wanted to make the other happy if they had problems or concerns they talked them out and they both respected each other. I hope this Author writes a sequel maybe with Doctor Robert and his little girl.

★★★★★ Felicity Nichols Reviews “First time author hits the nail on the head!” July 27, 2014

Jackson has always had an age play fetish. He wants someone to take care of and nuture. He loves Samantha but fears if he comes to terms and buckles down and expresses his need Samantha will leave him. When she falls ill he takes on the role of care taker, he didn’t expect to wake up and discover it before he had a chance to explain to her his reasons.

Samantha is shaken to say the least waking up in a diaper and footie pajamas. She has the biggest internal conflict as she reluctantly agrees to try an age play relationship. Throughout the story she goes back and forth as her body yearns for the relaxation and carefree attitude that being a little gives.

I loved Little Samantha’s Choice because it is a fresh perspective. O’Reilly takes a risk by making it Jackson’s need instead of the usual woman’s need. She gives plenty of conversation and explanation as to why he wants this while bringing to light Samantha’s fears. I feel like if Samantha would have just given in and submitted to the lifestyle change it wouldn’t have made as strong of a story. For this to be a debut author I would have thought she had been writing for years. The experience and well thought out story line impressed me and drew me in from the first few pages. If this is O’Reilly’s first story I cannot wait to see what else she brings to the table.

★★★★★ Lisa @ “Waiting for more!” July 28, 2014

For me this really put a spin on age play novels. Completely different from any I have read yet. I think this budding new author has found her place when it comes to writing sensuality. The warmth of the hero ‘Jackson’ is hard to resist. I kept saying to myself ‘where can I find me a man like that.’
Although shocked upon discovery, Samantha is a dedicated and loving wife. One willing to go the extra mile to please her adorable husband despite how she feels about her discovery of his fetish with age play. I very much enjoyed the emotion I felt while reading this book. This author brought forth the realities of how one might feel when face with the same or similar scenes portrayed in this book.
Well written, even flow, tenderness and warmth and above all the compelling love this couple had for each other makes me wish for more.

★★★★★ SH @ “Don’t miss this one!!” July 28, 2014

Great read here with a new take on an age play story. Samantha’s conflict with the age play dynamic and Jackson’s angst and fear for his marriage felt extremely real as I read the book. A very well written story, a plot with some depth, and characters that yank you into their lives makes me look forward to another by this author. Don’t miss this one!

★★★★★ Angela K. Moon “Awesome age play” August 1, 2014

This story had every element of a great age play story. I loved Jackson as a husband and a daddy. Samantha really enjoyed being little for her daddy. I am always looking for these typos of romances and am often disappointed by the lack of good stories out there. I really hope there is a sequel and we see more of the characters from the munch. This author did a great job and I will save this book as a favorite and read many times.

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